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Steel Pole Spare Parts and Tools

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These are spare parts for our Steel Poles Netting Installation System

If you have incomplete or damaged poles we can supply any of the missing parts, if you want to change the size of your pole you can purchase pole sections to change the pole length in 2' increments.

You can also customize your own poles with only the parts you want.

- Steel pole outer diameter: 2”

- Steel pole wall thickness: 1.5mm

- Ground anchor/sleeve overall length: 22”

- Ground anchor/sleeve top diameter: 2.25”

- Ground anchor/sleeve wall thickness: 1.6mm

Note: Gourock steel poles and parts are not designed for use with tensioned wires/cables spanned between them. They will not properly support or function for that type of installation technique (you will need permanent/rigid attachment supports for tensioned wires; for example between building walls, fencing posts/poles, ceiling rafters, and framing structures).