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Stock Netting Panel Install

Below are the simple steps you need to take to install a Golf or Baseball Net using 2" Steel Netting Poles, we are using 8' tall poles and spacing them 8' apart in the last picture we add a section to make the pole 10' tall and we space the poles 10' apart.

First step is to install the two ground anchors 8' apart, push the included probe as far into the ground as possible, if you are able to push it all the way down it should be easy to screw the ground anchor in, if you can't push it all the way down it may be more challenging to screw it in and you might need to pull the anchor out a few times as you screw it in to remove some of the dirt.


Once you get both ground anchors installed assemble the bottom and top sections of the 8' pole leaving the middle section out for now, place the poles into the ground anchors and clip the 10' x 10' net to the poles, we are using a 10' x 10' golf net here, it would be the same for a baseball net and also larger nets just more poles and shorter or taller poles depending on the size of your net, the reason we are installing an 10' net on a 8' pole is to create slack or give in the netting and for a pocket at the bottom to catch balls


In the next step we are using #60 Braided Nylon Twine found in the Hardware section, cut a length of twine about 30' long and sting across top of net


Run twine through the loop in the pole or through the carabiner that is included with the pole, next insert the middle sections of the pole to make it a full 8' tall and tie the twine to the thumb screw at the bottom of the pole and tighten the net up, you should have over a foot of netting laying no the ground attach the corners of the net about 1' up the pole using twine or ball bungees



In the last image we made the pole 10' tall and installed the same net without the #60 Nylon twine just clip the corners in add ball bungees and your are ready to go