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HDPE 50% Shade Cloth

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HDPE Shade Cloth Debris Netting, Custom Net Sizes

High-Density Polyethylene 50% Shade Netting

Shade Cloth (50%), 1/8" Debris Netting Details:

HDPE Monofilament Fire Retardant,

Mesh size 1/8" x 1/16",

3-Way Lock Stitch Construction HDPE shade cloth debris netting,

Available as "bulk" material or with perimeter mesh bordering options of:

Machine-Wrapped Rope Border Installed (machine-sewn with nylon twine),

Sewn Nylon Webbing Border Installed (machine-sewn with nylon twine)

Typical uses for 50% Shade Cloth netting are: Privacy Screening, Debris Containment, Visual Considerations, Sports Applications, Small Object Containment, and General Multi-Purpose Applications.

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