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Drone U.A.V. Netting

Drone U.A.V. Containment Netting
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Containment and protective barrier netting for drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications is available to order according to your own custom dimensions.

Drone netting and UAV containment nets are often a required feature of many drone testing, trade shows and recreational areas - ranging from university science and engineering programs to commercial installations and airports.

There are many different mesh and twine sizes available for drone and UAV safety nets - although the most typically preferred are the #21 X 1-3/4” knotted nylon, or the lighter-weight #12 X 1-3/4” knotted nylon netting. Alternatively for a bit of a larger mesh size, the #15 X 4” knotted nylon, or the thicker #30 X 4” knotted nylon are both suitable and popular as well.