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#18 x 1-3/4” Knotted HMWPE Netting

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High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Netting, Custom Net Sizes

#18 X 1-3/4” HMWPE High-Performance Netting

Twine Thickness:  #18 (.069" diameter, estd. 1.8mm)
Mesh Size:  1-3/4” square measurement
Tensile Rating (single twine breaking strength):  410 lbs. minimum
Material & Construction:  High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, 3-Strand Twisted Twine, 100% Made-in-USA
Finishing:  Urethane Coated, Black
Weight:  0.02 lb./square foot
Specification Sheet:  available online here

#18 X 1-3/4” HMWPE netting is prepared to custom net sizing and dimensions using the Online Netting Calculator above.  This netting is prepared with a square mesh pattern, and has the option of having a 5/16” braided polyester rope bordering installed around the perimeter edge meshes. High Molecular Weight Polyethylene netting features very high tensile strengths, very high abrasion resistance, and excellent ease-of-use. This High-Performance netting is well suited for both outdoor and indoor installations, as it is completely prepared for UV and moisture exposure. It features a low calculated wind-load of 7.3%, making it ideal for professional installations of large area that require maximum strength.

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the material used in Dyneema® and Spectra® branded twine and cordage. This is a High-Performance netting featuring a very high tensile strength with low wind-shear %, and is typically used for professional-level stadium barrier nets and backstop netting, as well as spectator bleacher protection safety netting at professional-level facilities. This is a premium netting selection for ultra-strength barrier netting applications for baseball and softball stadiums and training facilities, industrial applications, high-safety spectator and audience protection, warehouse and conveyor uses, and other professional and commercial installations requiring High-Performance netting.

Some typical uses for 1-3/4” mesh size netting are:

Sports Netting & Athletic Nets (including baseball nets, softball netting, soccer barrier netting, football nets, volleyball barrier netting, basketball barrier nets, tennis containment netting, batting cage nets, long-distance hockey and lacrosse barrier netting, pickleball barrier nets, gymnasium nets, backstop netting, stadium netting, scoreboard protective nets)
Bird Barrier & Bird Exclusion Nets (including aviary nets and poultry netting)
Animal Containment Netting (including deer fence netting, hatchery nets, predatory bird barrier nets)
Pond & Debris Barrier Nets
Drone Netting & UAV Containment Nets
General Multipurpose Applications (including industrial netting, railing nets, conveyor belt netting, pallet rack and warehouse nets, ceiling and lighting protection netting, agricultural nets, garden netting, and trellis netting)

This 1-3/4” HMWPE Netting is available to be prepared with a square mesh pattern, and has the option of adding rope bordering around the perimeter edges. You can make your informed choice by reviewing our context video demonstrating the characteristics and differences of each selection.

The netting calculator pricing initially displays the lowest priced supply option, and you are presented your mesh/border selections as you add the netting to your shopping cart.

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