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Basketball Barrier Nets

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Gourock offers a number of different mesh sizes and twine thickness for Basketball from 1-3/4" netting used for anything larger than baseballs to 4" netting used for anything larger than Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer balls, twine sizes range from #12 to #72, most customers choose #12, #15, #21 and #30

Typical backstop nets range from 8' to 12' high, if you want netting to catch balls that go over the backboard you would need at least 10' or 12' high depending on how close the netting is to the back of the hoop. Width of nets vary depending on need, some are only 8' to 10' and some are 20' - 30' it just depends on how much area you want to cover

For spans up to 20' you can use square cut netting without border rope if you support the net in the middle to the back of the basketball system, you can also use diamond cut netting without border rope installed but you will need to string rope through the meshes to support the netting, if you want a more finished look and ease of installation we recommend diamond cut netting with rope borders

We also supply steel poles, rope and twine in our Hardware and Accessories section for easy installation
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