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Nylon Golf Cage Nets

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Product Ships: Average orders normally ship within 5-10 business days. Larger volume orders may take longer to be ready to ship out (10+ days based on size).
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Nylon Golf Cage Nets are built-to-order, price does not include framing / hardware items.

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Golf Cage Nets Built to Custom Netting Sizes, Custom Nylon Golf Netting

For years, Gourock has been supplying commercial facilities, colleges/universities, city municipalities & schools, recreation departments, and residential installations with highly customized and one-of-a-kind netting projects. Custom netting enclosures and projects feature the highest quality nylon sport netting, DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, as well as premium construction materials like Dacron® Ropes and nylon tying twine. Hand-built and 100% USA Made, your custom project can be produced with expert netting knowledge and craftsmanship. 

Custom Golf Cage Nets can be quoted using the Custom Golf Cage Calculator above or you can Contact Us to submit your dimensions, netting type request, and forward over drawings/diagrams for more complex jobs.
**Note - we produce/supply the custom golf cage netting exclusively, no framing or poles included.

Above are drawing examples of various custom projects facilitated by Gourock, Inc. (designed/drafted by Gourock based on customer-provided information, then put into production and delivery).  See also our company blog for additional custom golf cage netting examples.


Gourock Custom Golf Cage Nets are 100% Made in USA from the highest quality nylon netting material, DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon.  Nylon Golf Cage Nets are constructed with an enclosed netting design incorporating the top/ceiling, side walls, and back end-panel all seamed together and ready to hang/install as a complete 3-dimensional netting product.  The front is the “open end” to hit and drive golf balls from, so is not covered in netting.  Featuring 3/4” mesh golf impact netting, diamond mesh pattern, and black coloring with UV stabilization and protective bonding - these custom golf cage nets are well suited for all outdoor and indoor installations.

There are 2 nylon netting twine thicknesses available to select from:

  • #15 (1.8mm, 125 lb. minimum tensile strength)
  • #21 (2.0mm, 210 lb. minimum tensile strength)

Nylon golf cage nets are rope-bordered on the entire top and bottom perimeter edges and both front corner edges, with 1/4” steel snap-hook clips in all 4 corners of the cage netting.  Nets are hand-prepared and bordered with 5/16” Braided Dacron® Rope (3000+ lb./break).

**Consider having the net constructed 6”-12” taller in height compared to where you expect to hang it from, allowing for some netting to pool at ground level (helpful for keeping all balls contained).**

For all custom golf cage nets, you are offered the option to add a secondary impact panel net to the order.  These nets are constructed to the same height and width as the enclosure netting, and are included separately.  A secondary impact net allows you to cover the entire back end of the cage with a layer of reinforcement mesh.  Over time with ball hits and abrasion, the impact panel net absorbs the majority of wear-and-tear, and also allows you to adjust how much netting displaces outward upon impact.  The heavy-duty golf impact nets built from the highest quality #21 X 3/4” DuPont type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, these 100% Made-in-USA nets are produced to your own custom netting size. The basic construction features diamond mesh golf netting with a top-rope installed (with 3’ rope tails), and the full-finished version features rope bordering on the top and sides, with a heavy-rope (leadline) bottom edge.

HELPFUL NOTE: When using netting as a Golf Impact/Driving/Hitting panel, consider also utilizing a secondary reinforcement mesh or target for the primary impact zone. Over time there is disproportional wear from impacting the “central” area.

There are many custom features that you can also have built by Gourock.  We have supplied hundreds of custom golf cage nets that include custom aspects such as 3’ overlapping entrance doors, loose/open end-panels, additional ropes or connection points, tapers and angles, notches and irregular shapes, custom dimensions, double-ends, full-enclosures, and many other unique requirements.  Feel free to Contact Us and submit a quote request for something more customized and we’ll get it done for you.

**Custom nylon golf cage nets are fabricated per-invoice and have varying production lead-times to be ready to ship out.  Most are finished and ready to depart within 3-10 bus. days, with some extra-large sizes or multiple quantity orders taking a bit longer (within 2-3 week avg.)**

(we provide/ship the custom net production exclusively; framing/poles are not included from Gourock)

**Take a look through our extensive Company Blog for additional custom netting details, helpful information, and examples of the many types of unique netting projects facilitated by Gourock over the years!**