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10' x 20' Baseball Netting

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To block closely-impacted baseballs, whether it be for general barrier purposes or for protecting areas that are close to a tee/batter, you'll need to use netting that has a mesh size of 1-3/4" or smaller.  This 1-1/2" mesh netting panel is a good value "off-the-shelf" option for baseball and many multipurpose applications.

Netting Dimensions: 10’ high X 20’ wide

Features: High-Tenacity 2.5mm X 1-1/2” (#36 HTPP≈160 lb./twine) Square Mesh Polypropylene Netting (UV stabilized), Raschel Knotless Mesh Construction, 5/32" Serged Rope Perimeter Edging

For a Wide Variety of Applications, Including:

* Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball Containment Netting Purposes

* Lacrosse, Hockey Barrier Net Installations

* Landfill, Debris, Leaf Netting

* Warehouse, Rack Netting

* Spectator, Aviary Net Applications

* General Multi-Sport Netting (+2" Diameter Objects)

* 100% PolyPro Nets Feature 4 Units of UV Stabilizer & Appearance/Texture Similarities to Nylon

* Hang/Install From Vertical Poles, Cables/Wires, Structures, Fences/Trees, Hooks

* Imported