6 Person Golf Driving Net – New Custom Netting

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Gourock.com supplies many types of customers with netting solutions for a very wide variety of applications.  One very popular type of application is for golf impact netting and driving/hitting nets.  Many times the best approach for a golf hitting net is as basic as a 2-dimensional section of netting to drive into, usually suspended between a couple of supports or even a ceiling/rafter.  Other times a typical golf cage net is the best way to go, for instance something like the 10′ X 10′ X 10′ golf cage net that we supply for many people’s homes and facilities.

However another Gourock specialty is to facilitate the supply and production of highly customized commercial golf netting enclosures that are being installed at country clubs, schools/universities, and also professional training facilities.  As you can see by examining the many examples of custom netting enclosure productions that are noted here on the Gourock.com website – as well as some of the unique netting jobs written-about in this blog, there is the capacity for you to be quoted and supplied with custom golf netting built according to most any requirement that you have.  The most recent example, from earlier this week, is the following 6-person golf enclosure net that is being installed at a golf course facility in New York.  This particular client was installing a series of steel poles around their overall practice area on the property in order to have a solid support structure available to tension steel cables between.  The netting is then to be clipped underneath the cabling, allowing for a functional and reliable netting/cable suspension installation.  As you can see from the general production diagram below, there are also 5 separate divider nets and 6 separate impact panel nets that are also being installed within the overall enclosure in order to allow for 6 players to be driving/hitting at once without risk of errant shots crossing from one ‘stall’ to the next.  Here are some of the details from this custom commercial golf netting production so that you can inspect and consider the different options available and take a look at some of the material details:

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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