Netting Borders – Perimeter Bordering on Custom Netting

Friday, July 14th, 2023
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The custom netting products available from are built according to your own preferred dimensions, and there are also perimeter bordering options that can be installed around the perimeter edges of the netting meshes.  Adding a border material around the perimeter of the netting adds to the durability, effectiveness, ease-of-use, aesthetic, and general robustness of the finished custom netting production

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Containment Netting and Barrier Nets to Surround a Basketball Court and Sport Court – Customer Photos

Thursday, June 16th, 2022
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Customer-provided photos of their netting installation using #36 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon nets to surround their sport court for basketball barrier and containment needs. We have supplied hundreds of private residential customers with the barrier and containment nets that they need for their sport court and basketball court installations. Containment netting for basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and a huge host of different athletic activities are always available from us, and the nets are constructed according to any particular customized sizing dimensions needed for the project.

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Industrial Barrier Netting: A Must-Have for Safe and Secure Worksites

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
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Custom Nylon Barrier Nets: A Solution for Industrial Containment and Exclusion Gourock has always specialized in the supply of custom built netting products that are constructed for use in many different types of barrier, containment, or exclusion needs that our customers may have. For the past couple decades we have … Read more

Unique Netting Shapes – Nylon Nets for Customized Uses

Friday, October 8th, 2021
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We specialize in the supply of netting, nets, and netting productions that are built according to custom sizing and dimensional needs. In addition to netting panels that are constructed to specialty lengths and widths, we also have great availability for nets that incorporate unique shape requirements as well.

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Custom Netting Shapes for Unique Spaces & Areas

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Barrier netting is often needed to be installed within areas or spaces that incorporate unique shapes, tapers, angles, and overall dimensions.  There are lots of situations in which it would be best to have a customized net provided that matches the shape in question, rather than trying to work with … Read more

Slow Feeder Netting For Hay – Horses, Donkeys, Goats

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Over the last couple of years a unique and interesting netting application has become quite popular, and it has to do with using nylon netting to contain hay that is being consumed by horses, goats, and donkeys. One of the main issues that the animal owners are consistently dealing with … Read more

A Very Custom Shape, Nylon Netting Production

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Customized nylon nets are one of the specialty netting products that are available from  There are many different applications and uses for netting, and the unique requirements for each customer can be drastically different and quite variable.From the DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting that we have available, there … Read more

Custom Nylon Netting Enclosures – Recent Productions

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

As has been routinely documented on this company blog, as well as on the site, we consistently supply customized netting enclosures to a very wide array of customers and users throughout North America.  Many times these enclosure nets are installed for athletic training purposes (baseball, softball, and golf are … Read more