Ad in Athletic Management 2010 Buyer’s Guide

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Athletic Management magazine recently published their 2010 Buyer’s Guide issue, and can be referenced within the “supplier’s directory” (with general profile), and via advertisement.  Gourock always appreciates the correspondence, supplier relationships, and business transactions with the hundreds of Athletic Directors and sports administrators that require netting solutions.  Ranging from coaches and booster club managers, to commercial facility owners and university program directors, is available to quote on customized netting solutions and designs for a wide array of specialized applications.

As attributed to their company profile:
“The editorial mission of Athletic Management is to help high school and college Athletic Directors enhance their operations. Interviews, news briefs, feature stories, and columns address every facet of managing an athletic department from new ideas in fundraising to changes in educational philosophy.  ATHLETIC MANAGEMENT – The source for high school and college athletics.”

By maintaining a functional balance between dynamic online convenience and conventional trade-journal accessibility, always looks forward to speaking with your organization about customized netting solutions – and our advertising association with Athletic Management magazine strives to keep us at the top of your list!

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