Another Round of Custom Basketball Nets

Friday, December 9th, 2011

At Gourock we consistently service customized netting solutions for a huge variety of unique applications and a diverse range of customers.  Most of the time the particular netting requirements that people have are for multiple locations, and are needed to be produced on a periodical basis.  Over the last year we have posted a couple of different articles that detail a very unique netting design that we supply for one of our customers, and each one of the orders requires a good amount of customized design work and specific product parameters.  You can click here to reference all of the details for the custom netting productions on the job from last month, and then you can click here to get even more background regarding the netting from the original job in June of this year.

There has recently been yet another round of custom netting manufacturing for this same application, and you can take a look at the details of this custom netting product below.
We just want to provide you with as much context as possible as you’re researching some of the potential solutions that you can achieve with customized nylon netting.

There are so many different types of clients and applications that are well-serviced through the nylon netting options at, and feel free to drop over an email with your inquiries!  It is most helpful to take a look at the twines/meshes that are readily available by examining this page of the site – so that way you have a good idea of what you’re potentially aiming for.  And free netting samples are also available to mail out as well should you prefer to get a “hands-on” examination of high-quality netting options.

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