Custom Netting Design, “Clamshell” Backstop Net

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Custom Netting Design, “Clamshell” Backstop Net

At we facilitate the manufacture and supply of many different types of custom netting designs and projects, and every invoice has their own set of unique sizes, features, or considerations.  Over the years we have encountered nets that incorporate very customized characteristics, ranging from tapered and angled shapes to personalized enclosure designs.  With Gourock you have the opportunity to source netting that is built per-invoice, allowing the opportunity to get the mesh that you need created to the actual sizing and configurations that you require.

Since the nylon nets available from Gourock are all 100% Made in the USA, and personally prepared per-order, you have access to the highest quality DuPont netting material that is constructed with fast turnaround timing and professional craftsmanship.  Netting is a durable and dependable solution for a wide variety of applications – including athletics, logistics and infrastructure, property protection, municipal/scholastic/collegiate, and many others.  In the last few weeks we had an interesting order come through that helps show some of the unique and custom netting uses that we can facilitate.

This particular commercial customer in California had a job that called for a layer of containment netting that needed to cover an arch-shaped backstop structure located at a playing field.  As you can see from the photos below, the backstop design is a sloping arch that also incorporates a curved containment area.  There are also some extension posts the run along the upper edge of the framing as well.  The goal for our customer was to cover the entire shape with a small mesh netting that has a lot of strength and overall durability.  They also wanted the upper extension posts to have netting layer over them, but not the far left and far right extensions.

So there were quite a few custom considerations needed for this production and supply in order for our customer to achieve their intended end result.  The approach to get the netting shape created and quoted/produced correctly was to use the dimensions provided to us from our customer, in which they measured the lineal distanced between the posts and supports, and draft them in CAD to see how the overall shape began to flush-out.  The end result from a couple of rounds of drawing and editing/verifying sizes was a rounded clamshell-like shape that expands around the customized rounded-arch design of the backstop framing.  We were able to simulate this by printing out a copy of the CAD drawing, cutting it out of the printed paper, and curving it upwards as if it was going to be layered over the expected framing.

The netting that this production was built from was the #21 X 3/4″ DuPontĀ® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon.  This is a 241 lb. tensile rating twine thickness, which a small 3/4″ mesh opening.  The is a 100% Made in the USA nylon product that is black in coloring, diamond mesh pattern, UV stabilized, and bonded against moisture.  The netting production also featured a 5/16″ braided polyester rope bordered sewn-in around the entire perimeter of the netting shape.  This nylon netting is a high-strength material with high abrasion resistance, and is a great selection for projects that require a very durable mesh that will most likely experience a decent amount of wear-and-tear over the years.

Take a look at the below diagrams and images that help demonstrate the context of this custom netting job.  It took about a week on final drawing/quoting/correspondence with our customer to start from scratch and get the production planned out correctly, and then the netting manufacturing itself took about 7 days to be finished and shipped out. is your destination for custom netting solutions and nylon net products, so if you have particular or unique needs that would be best solved with specifically constructed netting you can certainly contact us and let us know what you’re aiming for!

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