Custom Nylon Netting Enclosures – Commercial Applications

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Gourock has been supplying custom netting enclosures for many different applications for many years – and that type of product is a company specialty.  Some of the most popular uses for enclosures that are built from netting are:

  • baseball, softball and golf containment installations
  • animal and bird barrier needs
  • general multipurpose sports containment (hockey, dodgeball, cricket, etc.)

There are many customers that require custom enclosure nets for private use or residential installations, and also a lot of commercial clients that have needs for customized enclosures for training facilities, businesses, collegiate, professional, and high-abrasion applications. can quote and supply most any height X width X length that a particular netting enclosure may need – and not only that, there are often many different unique features or characteristics that can be included in the production of the final product as well.  For instance – many of the unique nets that have been manufactured and shipped over the years have included aspects like:

  • additional upper ceiling line ropes
  • tapered sizing and changes in shape
  • netting entrance flaps
  • “open” ends and “loose corner” end panels
  • extended rope tails (for hanging/suspending)

These nets are built from the DuPontĀ® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, which is a very high end and premium material.  Typical mesh sizes are 3/4″ (to contain smaller objects such as golf balls) and 1-3/4″ (typical for baseball-sized objects and larger).  There are a variety of different twine thicknesses available to consider – and for commercial high-abrasion applications the thickest twines are most preferred to maximize the overall durability of the netting over time and use.

The reasons why customized netting is often required for commercial and professional clients have a lot to do with the available space available within an indoor facility – or the sizing/spacing required to accurately fit the netting within a framing support structure that is already in-place or that is under construction.  It’s not too much different than dealing with custom netting panels (such as around a stadium, driving range, or field) with the primary difference being that the job requires consideration of a 3-dimensional area (sides, ends, and ceiling).  Additionally, many of the other unique features that are often integrated into the finished netting production are included due to client preferences of installation technique and other particular needs.

Certainly feel free to drop us a line and contact us with your sizing and initial details of what your aiming for, and we can get a quote together for what we have available to supply and have produced for your custom netting needs.

Here are a couple of examples from the last month showing some interesting 3-dimensional nets produced and shipped for commercial/professional sports facilities:

Example 1:
This is a golf cage net featuring high strength #21 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting, custom dimensions, a tapered/angled shape, and the addition of a supplemental impact net to increase the amount of material covering the back primary hitting area:

Example 2:
This is a commercial batting cage facility netting construction featuring a very heavy-weight #84 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting, custom dimensions, a tapered/angled height aspect, custom ceiling lines, and a ‘split’ design to account for installation framing beams that needed to be taken into account during the hanging of the netting:


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