Custom Nylon Safety Screen Nets

Friday, November 11th, 2011

For baseball and softball applications, a very popular type of netting product is the “safety screen” net.  The typical use for this type of net is to protect pitchers during batting practice, and also in the field to aid in protection during infield drills. has a good selection of 7′ X 7′ safety screens available, which you can refer to by clicking over to this page of our site.  However we also supply customized safety screen nets as well.  There are many customers that have their own framing already assembled, to their own particular sizing and features, that require the netting itself.  The most common solution for this sort of installation is to go with a “pillowcase-style” net.  This sort of netting design slides over the top of the framing, just like a pillowcase slides over the top of the pillow.  The end result is a double-layer of netting that encapsulates the framing, and provides a very dependable and durable safety screen.

Gourock provides custom-built safety screens in the “pillowcase-style” design, constructed to any particular dimensions that you require.  They feature the DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting, and can be reinforced on the edges with Dacron® rope borders (or alternatively, can simply be laced together with nylon twine).  The most common twine thicknesses used for the safety nets are the #36 (2.5mm, 381 lb./twine) nylon, or for more commercially-oriented facilities there is the #72 (3.5mm, 740 lb./twine) for maximum abrasion resistance.  The best way to get quoted on some customized safety screen nets for your L-Screen, Softball Screen, or Fielder-Screen framing is to use our contact page to forward a basic diagram of your framing sizing and shape.

Here are a couple of examples of custom nylon safety screen nets that we have facilitated and shipped out over the last few weeks, and they can provide you with some good context of what is available for your consideration.

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