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Friday, January 28th, 2011
Custom netting panels are consistently requested by our customers, and often the types of installations that require netting barriers need features like tapered shapes.  Many times the tapers are necessary to line-up with the installation cables, or support structures.  There are many different uses for custom nets, and most often the tapered shapes seem to be pretty common for baseball/softball backstops, stadium barrier nets, and spectator/bleacher protection netting.  Tapered and angled netting panels have a couple of material/mfg. requirements – mainly being that the twisted-knotted nylon netting in a diamond mesh pattern is the only functional material/mesh available to have tapers created from, and also that the installation of a rope bordering to the perimeter of the netting will hold the mesh to its intended shape and dimensions.
Here is a series of recent custom netting examples that were quoted, supplied, and shipped to customers.  These all feature some form of tapered shape within the job, and may aid in your research into custom nylon netting options that are available through
(clicking on the images brings up larger versions to inspect)
Example 1:
This is a fairly basic triangular-shaped netting panel that was supplied to a customer that needed this shape to install over the corner of a tennis court.  This net is installed horizontally over one corner of the fencing that surrounds the tennis court, with the purpose of barricading tennis balls from popping up and out of the area (the other side of the fence has bushes and a property line).  The #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® knotted nylon netting was selected for maximum durability, as well as mesh size functionality for blocking tennis balls.  The netting panel is 5/16″ Dacron® rope bordered to hold the tapered shape and make the installation as strong and simple as possible.
Example 2:
This collection of custom nylon netting panels also feature the #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® knotted nylon netting and the 5/16″ Dacron® rope borders.  This netting production is composed of a couple rectangular nets that have the intended purpose of vertical baseball/softball barrier netting, as well as a couple of custom tapered shapes that were manufactured to the customer’s particular dimensions/angles for the horizontally-installed top netting.  Similar to the first example, these tapered top nets were supplied to block/contain objects from leaving the area (baseball “pop-ups” primarily).  These tapered nets are quite a bit larger in overall area than the first example however, and were supplied to a commercial facility.
Example 3:
This pair of custom tapered netting panels are also horizontally-installed baseball/softball barrier nets that cover the homeplate areas over the baseball field backstop fencing.  There is a walkway separating a couple of baseball fields (one regulation field, and one little league/softball field), as well as spectator stands and bleachers.  These 2 netting panels were built to a very custom shape, each with a specific combination of angles, slopes, and measurements.  This was a production facilitated and supplied by for a city in Florida, and the city opted for the #21 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® knotted nylon netting and the 5/16″ Dacron® rope borders.  Also supplied for the city was the cabling hardware, clips, and accessories that the netting panels were to be clipped to.
Example 4:
These 4 netting panels were also supplied to a county in Florida.  Actually, these are replacement netting panels for a job that was originally supplied by Gourock back in 2003 – and are exact replicas of the nets that were produced at that point.  This county recently had a tornado rip through their baseball facilities – which had ripped their bleachers out of the ground and subsequently destroyed the netting panels and cables due to the bleachers being thrown right through the installed barrier nets.  Featuring the #18 X 1″ DuPont® tarred knotted nylon netting and 5/16″ twisted nylon rope bordering, this netting job facilitated by demonstrates the capacity for very large net dimensions as well as very custom tapers.  The 1.9mm tarred knotted nylon netting also carries a 10 year UV warranty, making it an optimal netting choice for installations in Florida.

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