Customer-Designed Frame for the Home Batting Cage Nets

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

The Home-Style Batting Cage Nets that we have available at are a really great netting product for most all private and residential customers.  They are available in 5 popular dimensions, ranging from 10′ X 10′ X 40′ up to 12′ X 14′ X 70′ in sizing.  Additionally, the Home-Style nets have a robust combination of features and materials:

  • #36 (2.5mm) X 1-3/4″ HTPP (polypro) Netting, with 160 lb./tensile strength
  • Square Mesh Braided-Knotless netting
  • 3/8″ HDPE Posi-Lock Sewn Rope Borders (all edges)
  • Center-Ceiling Line, Overlapping Entrance Door, 6″ Rope Loops
  • UV Stabilized, and designed with longterm outdoor exposure in-mind

These nets are manufactured to certain sizes, with particular materials, in order to have a really dependable batting cage netting option that focuses on our many customers that are hanging and using the net for their own private/individual use.  These nets are a fantastic value – and they also have the benefit of being installed in a wide-variety of methods.

A customer from earlier this year had forwarded us their own frame design for the 10′ X 10′ X 40′ net they had purchased.  They relayed the message that this framing construction they devised functions exceedingly well, and they wanted to pass-along and publicize the details on their approach:

click for larger image/details

-Josh Grzyb @

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