Netting for a Custom Framing

Friday, August 26th, 2011

This week we had an inquiry into providing some custom-shaped nylon netting that needed to be secured within a customized framing structure that had been built.  Our customer had initially emailed over some photographs of the unique frame that they had developed for a golf impact application – and then had followed up with some details on measurements and installation methods.  After suggesting a few different netting solutions and providing a series of quotes and drawings, we were able to collaborate on the dimensions and netting features that would best suit their application.

Golf impact netting is the 3/4″ mesh knotted nylon, and there are two twine thicknesses available from to select from.  The lighter weight #15 twine is great for general golf ball containment for closely hit shots/drives.  The thicker #21 twine is the optimal choice for high-abrasion applications and as primary impact netting for golf shots.  So for the following netting production and usage, our customer opted to surround the majority of the containment area with the #15 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting, and then reinforce the central area of the custom framing with a secondary layer of high-strength #21 X 3/4″ knotted nylon netting.  All three netting panels were produced in the diamond mesh pattern with the 5/16″ Dacron® rope bordering installed (sewn-in) around the perimeter.  For connections to their framing they opted to go with the bungee-ball attachment straps that we have available.

Some unique aspects of this particular job were:

  • custom tapered shape to fit as closely as possible to the 3-dimensional top shelf of the framing
  • rope riblines installed through the netting panels to act as attachment/connection points
  • leadline bottom (weighted line) on the primary impact panel net

The best way to get started on attaining some quotes for netting solutions for custom applications is to use our contact page and forward over your dimensions, intended usage, and details/preferences for what you are seeking to accomplish.
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