Netting for Hackettstown High School Golf Team

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Received this morning from a recent customer that we worked with (thanks Mike!):

With all the snow we had in the Northeast this winter I knew we were in trouble for Spring Golf here in NJ.  I purchased a netting product from Gourock 2 years ago for my backyard.  
I am a PGA Golf Professional and I have two sons who are athletes that use the net as
well in our yard.  That got me thinking to use the same kind of net in our cafeteria so we can hit balls indoors in March.

Well, after the OK from my A.D. and some fundraising we purchased a 10′ x 30′ net with two
impact panels.  The maintenance crew at the high school came up with an idea to secure the net to the ceiling and now we can hit real golf balls inside until it warms up outside.

Great quality net and terrific support at the home office.  
Keep up the good work guys!

Mike Andrusin, PGA


-Josh Grzyb @

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