Netting Used for Student Science Study

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

The netting products supplied by are used for all types of unique and interesting applications – and here is a testimonial and example provided to us this week showing another notable use.  They are utilizing the 210D/120 X 2″ knotless nylon netting, supplied in specially-prepared small sections.

Thanks again for keeping in touch Melinda, this is great!

Hi, Folks at Gourock.

I am attaching a photo showing how we are using your 2″ netting (or, for our scientific purposes, 5 cm metric) in a science project.

The project: 11th graders in Biology have, in small teams, come up with investigation questions, and this week are collecting data at our field site (an endangered ecosystem type called the “Puget prairie”).

Many of the students’ questions require data showing abundance or ground cover of specific species, which is where your netting comes in: The sampling method uses a “quadrat,” which is 1/2 meter to a side. A 10X10 section of your 5 cm netting creates a 100 square grid within the quadrat, which makes collecting these data much more accurate.

So, here’s a photo of your netting “in action.”  
Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences

-Josh Grzyb @

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