New #36 Batting Cage Net – Limited Inventory!

Friday, December 4th, 2009

All of the batting cage options that are offered by have really unique characteristics and features, and everyone can find an excellent design for their particular requirements.  Typical netting options for batting cage nets through include DuPont® Type 66-728 Nylon netting, High-Tenacity PolyPro (HTPP) netting, and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) netting.  Each particular material has fantastic benefits and attributes, which are generally outlined for you on our site, and also towards the end of this article.

Knotted HDPE is a very popular and durable batting cage netting option for all types of installations, especially for outdoor areas and locations with high UV exposure.  We are happy to let you know about a limited-inventory offering of some great batting cage nets that were just added to our inventory.  #36 Twisted-Knotted HDPE netting, in the full-sized dimensions of 12′ high X 12′ wide X 70′ long.  These nets are on sale for $399 – and you can source them online, while supplies last, at this part of our store (here).

NEW! #36 HDPE Heavy-Duty Scholastic/Team-Style Batting Cage Net
Designed for moderate/high-abrasion installations; often popular for scholastic/team purposes (indoor & outdoor). These HDPE cages are full-featured and include entrance doors, 3/8″ overlock-sewn rope borders, and square mesh construction. Material and design information is included in the product ad-copy.

As noted earlier, all sport netting options have unique intrinsic and extrinsic attributes.  For batting cage nets, this means that you can find the right option for you – as supplies a wide-variety of each commonly-used netting material.  Should you have some specific questions on which may be best for you – feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Here is a general informational summary of material characteristics for netting types we offer (when available).  Other information and questions can be answered by clicking here:
DuPont® type 66-728 nylon
high tensile strength
high abrasion resistance
UV stabilized
dyed black, twisted, knotted netting construction (“Diamond-Shield” dipping available)
available in diamond or square mesh
can be customized to any dimensions
PolyPro (HTTP):
moderate tensile strength
moderate abrasion resistance
4 units of UV stabilizer
extruded black, braided, knotless netting construction
available in square mesh with serged edge
available in “set” dimensions
high density polyethylene
moderate tensile strength
moderate abrasion resistance
UV stabilized
extruded black, twisted, knotted netting construction
available in square mesh with posi-lock rope edge
available in “set” dimensions

When comparing batting/golf cage/netting sources, comparisons should be made regarding:
netting material used (std. nylon, 66-728 nylon, HDPE, polypro, etc.)
netting construction (twisted knotted, braided knotless, etc.)
twine tensile strength
mesh size used
netting features (bonded, dipped, etc.)
rope material used and size/strength (Dacron, PE, PolyPro, etc.)
sewing material used (nylon, PE, etc.)
cage features (impact nets, edges, tails, etc.)
sizing/customization options
country of origin (materials & craftsmanship)
physical weight

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