NEW Golf Netting Panel Sizes

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The 2.0mm X 5/8″ PolyPro golf netting impact nets are a very popular, and very functional golf net option for your consideration.  They are a #21 twine thickness, and constructed from braided-knotless high-tenacity polypropylene (HTTP).  Featuring 4 units of UV stabilization and extruded permanently black in coloring, these small-mesh netting panels are used for a huge variety of applications – including golf ball impact and barrier use.

Since their introduction into our netting product lineup, they’ve been available in three particular dimensions exclusively:  10′ X 10′, 10′ X 20′, and 10′ X 30′. is pleased to announce the addition of five new dimensions in these bordered golf netting panels, to provide you with even more options and netting solutions.  You can visit use here to source these 5/8″ HTPP impact nets in the newly added sizes of:

  • 12′ X 12′
  • 12′ X 20′
  • 12′ X 30′
  • 14′ X 20′
  • 14′ X 30′

PolyPro netting options from combine the look/feel/aesthetics and ease-of-use characteristics of nylon netting, with the permanent coloring and UV traits of HDPE netting.  They are installed in long-term outdoor applications, and extraordinarily popular for indoor training and multipurpose netting needs.  Aside from their golfing-related uses, these 2.0mm X 5/8″ mesh nets are also very functional for a huge variety of different solutions, including:

  • leaf/pond/debris containment
  • general small-object containment
  • aviary purposes
  • warehouse/rack barrier
  • spectator netting
  • multipurpose sports barrier/containment

And now, there are 5 more sizing options to best suit your netting needs and installations!  And keep in mind that the 2.0mm X 5/8″ HTPP netting panels work very well in conjunction with the 2″ Home Barrier Poles, providing for a really convenient, high-quality, and functional barrier netting solution for your home or property!

-Joshua Grzyb @

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