Outdoor Sport Court Netting, Custom Nylon Sports Netting and Court Barrier Nets

Friday, December 11th, 2020

Outdoor Sport Court Netting, Custom Nylon Sports Netting and Court Barrier Nets

At Gourock.com we specialize in the supply of custom nets and netting productions that are utilized for a wide variety of different applications and industries.  One of the very popular uses for the nets that we provide is for outdoor sport courts and court barrier needs.  Typical examples of outdoor courts that require barrier nets are for basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, dodgeball, futsol, pickleball, baseball and softball, and other multipurpose sports training and playing needs.  Outdoor sport courts are generally surrounded by barrier nets in order to contain balls within the practice space and to avoid the inconveniences of the balls and objects from leaving the area, flying into streets and roads, impacting nearby property structures, breaking windows, or any other instance in which errant balls cause issues.

Gourock.com has many different netting selections to consider using for your outdoor sport court barrier needs, with a wide variety of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses to choose from.  Different sports and activities have different typical mesh sizes that are used, all based on the diameter of the objects that are to be blocked and contained.  For instance, for court owners that are strictly concerned with containing larger objects like basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs then a larger 4″ mesh size netting selection is a great option to go with.  However, to contain those larger objects as well as smaller ones such as tennis balls, baseballs, softballs, and pickleballs – sizing down a mesh to 1-3/4″ sizing is the way to go.

There are many sport court locations that are multisport and have the intention of basically wanting to be prepared to contain all types of different objects ranging from hockey pucks and lacrosse balls all the way up to larger basketballs and soccer balls.  For outdoor multisport court installations, we offer a really popular and recommended netting selection which is the #18 X 1″ DuPont Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  This is a netting choice that has a robust 191 lb./twine tensile rating, a high abrasion resistance, and also features an extra heavy-duty weather coating known as a “tar-coating” for maximum durability to UV and the outdoor elements.  The 1″ mesh size is fantastic for multisport uses, as it is small enough to properly contain smaller objects like hockey pucks and lacrosse balls, but also functions very well for everything larger as well.

Generally speaking, outdoor court nets that are built from the #18 X 1″ knotted nylon are often constructed in a square mesh pattern with a 5/16″ Dacron rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  The rope bordering adds a very strong and durable finishing edge around the perimeter of the netting, and the square mesh pattern results in a straight and even appearance throughout the length of the netting area.  Overall, this netting selection from Gourock.com is a really great selection to consider for most all outdoor sports court barrier applications that you may be needing to facilitate.  We offer immediate online pricing and ordering of custom nets directly through the Gourock Online Custom Netting Calculator, and feature quick turnaround times for netting orders with 100% Made in USA materials and craftsmanship.

Here are some photos of a recently installed sports court barrier job that utilizes the #18 X 1″ square mesh knotted nylon netting.  Our client uses fencing post materials for the supports, and custom-built lengths of 1″ knotted nylon netting from Gourock to complete the sports court jobs for their customers.  As you can see, the the #18 X 1″ DuPont nylon netting has a really great appearance with minimal visual obstructions, and will serve as a highly effective containment net for multisport uses within the space.

Many thanks again to our greatly appreciated nylon netting customers!  Seeing photos of finished work is always invited, and we also invite anyone who is interested in nylon netting solutions to contact Gourock.com directly and we can assist!

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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