Paint Color on Hockey Goals

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The Pro-Style Hockey Goals (HG643) are a very popular product supplied by, and have been for a few years.  There is a bit of helpful background information and details on both this part of the Gourock website, as well as in this previous blog article.

The 1-5/8″ 18G Steel Goal Frame is very durable, and has a really nice red/orange powder-coating finish – which is quite resilient to regular use and wear.  However, after many months/years of use, some people may want to ‘refurbish’ the visual appearance of their goal framing, due to general abrasion, impacts, movements/storage, or similar situations.  So we just wanted to pass-along a helpful tip that was researched by the inventory/production manager regarding a nice solution for re-painting the steel frames.  A near exact-match for the red/orange coloring for the framing is readily available, and here are the details:

  • Brand: Valspar
  • Store: Lowes
  • Color: Cherry # 65014
  • Product description: Premium Enamel
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Interior/Exterior

Here’s a reference image to aid in your sourcing, if needed (it’s the can on the left):

So if for any reason you want to re-paint your goal framing seasonally, or simply due to lots of use and wear, hopefully this helps out!

-Joshua Grzyb @

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