Tee Box Protective Barrier Netting

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

One of the more common applications that golf courses and golfing facilities have for golf barrier netting is for protection around tee boxes, ranges, and parking lots.  There are quite a few ways that a barrier netting installation can be accomplished, and sometimes the nets require customized tapers or angles to fit the customer’s requirements.

Below you can see the images of the preexisting framing that required replacement netting.  The nets that had been up there were no longer functional, and the framing needed to be outfitted with new nets.  The purpose of the netting was to aid in the blocking of errant shots to protect people within the tee box range area, the parking lot, and the golf cart pickup zone.  Some of the characteristics required were:

  • resilience to long-term UV and weather exposure
  • ability to block glancing shots
  • minimal visual appearance
  • ease-of-use for lacing to the existing framing
  • ability to custom shape to match the unique dimensions

A perfect match to satisfy all of these requirements was the #12 X 1″ (116 lb./twine) DuPont type 66-728 tarred nylon netting.  It features a tar coating that completely covers the twisted-knotted mesh construction, ensuring maximum protection from exposure to UV and the outdoor elements.  This particular tarred 1″ nylon netting from Gourock carries a 7 year UV Warranty (prorated).  A great benefit of nylon netting is that it inherently has very strong tensile strength without bulking-up a lot of physical material on the twines.  So a relatively thin twine like the #12 (1.7mm) still provides a dependable 116 lb./twine tensile strength.  That characteristic, combined with the black color and 1″ mesh size, results in fantastic golf barrier protection with minimum visual properties.  And since Gourock.com can provide custom dimensions and tapers, the unique dimensions and tapers/angles were no problem at all.

This golf course facility required 26 of the custom nets to match their existing frames.  All nets were facilitated and out the door quickly, and ready for installation and years of dependability.  Below you can view the diagram of the nets provided, followed by customer images of the frames that required the new nets.

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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