A couple of Unique Polyester Fabric Productions

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Throughout the years Gourock.com has supplied thousands of custom netting productions and designs, and many great examples can be referred to throughout this company blog, as well as on our website.  We do have another product line as well that has been gaining some traction in the custom-fabrication aspect of business as well.  These are the Industrial Fabrics, and they include both polyester and polyethylene materials.  These are great materials that feature very small mesh sizes, which make them very popular for debris and containment applications – as well as for a lot of multipurpose uses that require a more “screening/fabric” sort of material rather than a larger netting mesh configuration.

Although more limited in the available scope of custom shape/design opportunities than the knotted nylon, there are often very unique productions that do get manufactured for our customers from these fabrics.  Because they have a few more production limitations involved with them, should you want to consider the possibilities of a custom design from these fabrics it would be good to contact us first to see what might be available or possible.

The 449 Impact Polyester is one of these industrial fabrics that features very abrasion-resistant polyester material with a small 3/16″ elongated mesh size.  It’s great for a lot of athletic uses (hitting targets, reinforcement material, impact panels, etc.), but is also quite popular for construction and transportation clients as well.

Here is an example of a custom production that was built and shipped in the last week from the 449 Polyester.  These nets are being used as trailer/truck cover nets to contain materials within the bed of the fleet vehicles during travel.  The finished product features nylon webbing edges with brass grommets every 12″ all around, and they are fabricated to a specified set of dimensions (to fit the customer’s space) and as a 3-dimensional product.

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-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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