HDPE Batting Cage Nets, #21 and #42

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Although it’s still just the beginning of winter, this is the time of year that many organizations, clubs, and individuals begin to make some plans for the upcoming baseball and softball seasons.  In fact, we often see year-round batting practice and pitching training being the norm for many different types of players, coaches, and trainers.  Whatever your approach to hitting is – whether it be for basic fun or for something more applied and intense – Gourock.com has quite a few different options to consider for batting cage nets that can be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Over the years we have typically offered a more sporadic and limited inventory of HDPE nets, built from a variety of different twine thicknesses and dimensions.  For this year we have a great selection of high-end HDPE batting cage nets in our online store for your consideration.  For a more moderate or residential setting, the #21 twine thickness nets are a very nice option.  And for high-abrasion and heavily trafficked installations (like teams, clubs, schools, and facilities) there is the thicker #42 twine nets available.

Below will be some background information and details about this line of HDPE batting cage nets, and you can always click over to this product page on the Gourock.com site.
And take advantage of a really great shipping deal that is currently going on with these nets – which is a $12 UPS Ground for them (no matter what the weight or sizing)!

The HDPE Batting Cage Nets feature high-density polyethylene #21 X 1-3/4″ and #42 X 1-3/4″ netting, 3/8″ HDPE “Posi-Lock” rope borders (on all edges + ceiling-line), an overlapping Entrance Door, and 3′ Rope Tails off all top corners/lines. Netting is twisted/knotted/square-mesh with Complete UV Stabilization.
Great for Moderate-Duty (#21 HDPE) and Heavy-Duty (#42 HDPE) outdoor & indoor installations!

(if ordered by Noon PST, M-F)

#21 HDPE

(2.00 mm HDPE, 120 lb./twine, square mesh)
(height X width X length)

12′ X 12′ X 70′ Only $479
12′ X 14′ X 70′ Only $499 

#42 HDPE

(2.62 mm HDPE, 220 lb./twine, square mesh)
(height X width X length)

12′ X 14′ X 35′ Only $379
12′ X 12′ X 55′ Only $539

12′ X 14′ X 55′ Only $499
12′ X 12′ X 70′ Only $589
12′ X 14′ X 70′ Only $599

-Joshua Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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