Pickleball Court Divider Netting and Containment Nets

Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

Keep the Pickleballs in Play with Custom Pickleball Court Divider Netting and Containment Nets.

Pickleball court divider netting is the perfect solution for maintaining the function of playing facilities, and enjoyment of play for users. Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable game of pickleball relies heavily on containing the pickleball within the designated court area. This is where pickleball court divider netting and containment nets come into play. These specialized nets act as barriers, preventing errant balls from leaving the court and interrupting games on adjacent courts. This, in turn,maintains the pace of play and overall enjoyment for players at your pickleball facility.

An effective solution to achieve proper court containment is Nylon Netting from Gourock.com. Gourock offers high-quality,custom nylon netting perfect for creating both divider netting and containment nets around your pickleball courts. Here are two key benefits of using premium Nylon Netting for this purpose:

  • Durability: Made from long-lasting nylon, these nets can withstand the wear and tear of regular play, ensuring a long lifespan for your court dividers and containment barriers.
  • Customization: Gourock’s custom netting option allows you to tailor the net size to the specific dimensions of your pickleball courts, creating a perfect fit and maximizing containment effectiveness.

By implementing a proper containment system using Gourock’s Custom Nylon Netting, you can create a well-maintained pickleball facility that enhances the enjoyment of the game for all players.

Ball Containment Nets Greatly Benefit Indoor Playing Facilities

Large indoor athletic facilities have become popular destinations for a variety of sports, with pickleball leading the charge over recent years. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players, containment netting is a game-changer. These nets act as barriers, confining errant pickleballs and other sports equipment within designated court areas. This prevents balls from interrupting games on adjacent courts, minimizing frustration and delays for players. Furthermore, containment netting safeguards property from potential damage caused by flying balls, protecting lights, fixtures, and other equipment within the facility. Generally speaking, containment netting is an essential element for maintaining a safe, functional, and enjoyable environment in modern indoor athletic facilities, especially those catering to the growing popularity of pickleball.

At Gourock.com we specialize in custom netting for a very wide array of needs, clients, and solutions. The twisted-knotted nylon netting from our product line is a very recommended selection for pickleball court divider nets and containment nets. In fact, since we allow any customers sizing/dimensions to be ordered and produced, it is a perfect match for training facilities and pickleball court locations. Ranging from municipal customers, to commercial sports training facilities, to private property owners – and all types of pickleball court locations in between – Gourock.com is the go-to source for quality containment netting that people depend on.

There are a few different product options that are most popular for pickleball court surround nets, but there are a couple particular mesh selections that fill the majority of these project requirements. Both are 1-3/4″ mesh size netting types, built from DuPont® Type 66 twisted-knotted nylon. Both are generally fabricated in a square mesh pattern, and with a perimeter finishing edge of either 5/16″ polyester rope – or 1-1/2″ webbing that includes brass grommets stamped in. The only differences between these 2 popular netting choices is in twine thickness: #21 (2.0mm with a 210 lb tensile rating) and #36 (2.5mm with a 350 lb tensile rating). Both perform exceedingly well for pickleball blocking needs, and usually the choice between #21 and #36 comes down to some personal preference on wanting a thicker netting (#36) vs. a mid-weight netting (#21). Fortunately, no matter what your sourcing preference, Gourock.com offers both to be fabricated to any custom dimensions that you wish to be working with – allowing for the perfect netting fit and performance at your pickleball facility.

Divider Nets Produced for a Commercial Indoor Pickleball Facility

At Gourock.com we have supplied dozens of commercial pickleball facilities with the court divider nets and ball containment netting that they required for their locations. Generally speaking, most commercial locations will have multiple courts that are arranged in various different arrangements – so making sure that errant pickleballs stay within individual courts in imperative for overall function of the space. Gourock offers you the opportunity to have nets built according to any sizing dimensions needed – which means that the divider nets and ball containment nets that ultimately get installed at the location look professional, and function perfectly. Using premium nylon court netting that is dependable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing is a huge benefit to every commercial pickleball facility.

Below we are displaying some fantastic examples of pickleball court divider netting and containment nets that Gourock produced and supplied for a commercial client of ours. Our customer owns and operates a number of commercial facilities that include multiple courts within them – and they require nets for various locations within each space to contain balls and ensure that the overall facility functions very well for lots of pickleball playing traffic. At this particular location they had a series of steel posts and rails set, and used Gourock.com for the custom nets needed to fill-in each court divider space – as well as the ends of the courts. This series of nets were built from the #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, with 1-1/2″ webbing bordered edges that included #2 brass grommets stamped every 12″ around the perimeters. Each net was affixed into place to the rails and posts with black tie-wraps – and since the nets were fabricated to their specific sizing needs they all are very level, even, and look highly professional. And of course the durability factor of the #36 twisted-knotted nylon netting is extremely high, so the wear-and-tear factor for the material is maximum.

Commercial pickleball court netting and containment nets
Commercial pickleball court netting and containment nets.
Containment netting for pickleball courts
Containment netting for pickleball courts.
Pickleball court divider nets and netting
Pickleball court divider nets and netting.

Custom Netting Available for Ball Containment Needs

Whatever your project sizing or scope, Gourock.com is the go-to source for custom netting used in ball containment, sport court divider, and general barrier netting applications. As a longtime leader in the custom netting industry, Gourock.com conveniently offers direct online ordering of nets so that you can select your preferred mesh and sizing at any time. Or, our professional customer service availability can correspond with you directly regarding your netting project needs, and it is our pleasure to assist with questions and provide netting quotations. Ranging from large commercial and professional sports projects, to individual private property netting needs, Gourock.com is available for your custom netting solutions. Many thanks again to all of our very appreciated custom netting customers!

– Josh Grzyb @ Gourock Custom Nets

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