Golf Range Netting and Property Protection Net from Golf Balls

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023
Golf driving range nets and golf course netting

Custom Golf Barrier Nets and Golf Ball Protection Netting Panels for Property Protection Needs

Protective netting is a vital safety feature at golf driving ranges. It helps to prevent golf balls from flying off the range and hitting people or property. Netting can also help to reduce keep the range clean and minimize golf ball loss.

There are many benefits to using protective netting at golf driving ranges. First, it can help to prevent injuries. Golf balls can travel at high speeds, and if they hit someone, they can cause serious injuries. Netting can help to stop golf balls from flying off the range and hitting people.

Second, netting can help to protect property. If a golf ball hits a car or a house, it can cause damage. Netting can help to prevent this damage by stopping golf balls from flying off the range.

Third, netting can help to keep the range clean. Golf balls can roll off the range and get lost in the grass. Netting can help to keep the range clean by preventing golf balls from rolling off the range.

Overall, there are many benefits to using protective netting at golf driving ranges. Netting can help to prevent injuries, protect property, reduce noise pollution, and keep the range clean. If you are a golf driving range owner, you should consider installing protective netting.

Here are some additional advantages of utilizing netting for property protection needs:

  • Netting can help to prevent damage to vehicles, buildings, and other property.
  • Netting can help to reduce liability risks for businesses and property owners.
  • Netting can help to improve safety for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Netting can help to create a more peaceful and enjoyable environment.

If you are looking for a way to protect your property from damage, netting is a great option. Netting is affordable, easy to install, and highly effective.

Driving Range Netting, Custom Sizes for Golf Ball Protection specializes in custom produced nets that are utilized for many different types of protective needs. Included in our product line are very durable driving range nets and golf ball protection netting panels for homes and properties. If you have a commercial golf facility and need barrier nets to surround your space, Gourock has that netting supply available for you. If you are a homeowner on a golf course and require barrier netting to protect your house and property, we can facilitate nets built to any sizing you need. The netting products that we have available are constructed according to the particular sizing and dimensional needs for an individual project. When golf nets and barrier netting panels are built to custom sizes you are ensured the most effective coverage and fit, ensuring that you maximize the safety and protective characteristics of the netting while in use.

To make sure that the barrier nets at a driving range, golf course fairway, or residential property line are dependable for many years, the best material product choice is imperative. At we supply and highly recommend the use of high quality DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Tarred Nylon Netting for outdoor golf ball protection nets. This is available in a couple different twine thicknesses for your consideration – which are the #12 (100 lb. minimum tensile rating) and #18 (191 lb. minimum tensile rating). Both are a 1″ mesh size netting construction – which is the optimal mesh size for large area golf barrier nets. And this golf range netting also features an extra-resilient weather treatment known as “tarring”, which maximizes the durability of the netting to UV and moisture over years of exposure. In addition, DuPont® nylon is a high tensile strength netting twine that is very abrasion resistant – along with a low wind shear % rating. All of these characteristics combine to provide for a premium golf netting selection for commercial applications as well as private property installations.

Recent Custom Nylon Net Examples for Gourock Customers

In the drawing below you can view a series of 3 netting panels that were produced and shipped for a commercial golf establishment in Oklahoma that required protective nets at their driving range. In this particular case each golf net was built to a height of 31′, and there were overall lengths needed of 79′, 83′, and 87′ to achieve the total coverage required for the project. All 3 of these barrier nets were constructed from the #18 X 1″ tarred twisted-knotted DuPont® nylon netting, with 5/16″ Dacron® polyester rope bordered perimeter edges. In addition, there was an additional rope rib-line running horizontally through the netting which was intended to line up with a central wind-line cable that they had running between their poles. The rope bordering of the edges and the central rib-line are perfect for clipping the barrier nets into place to the surrounding cables that were already on-site. These golf barrier nets were produced and shipped out within 2 weeks of our customer’s order and were delivered to the course for installation by their maintenance team.

golf driving range nets and golf course netting
Golf driving range nets and golf course netting

In this second custom netting example you can see a pair of very specific nets that were fabricated with a tapered shape that was needed to properly line-up with the ground and cabling contours of the installation site. There was a pair of rectangular-shaped nets fabricated to cover the majority of the range which were 12′ X 151′-8″ and 12′ X 241′-6″ in sizing. However these 2 nets needed to feature a more specific shape design in order to fit a couple sloping aspects of the property and pole locations. So in this following drawing you can see 2 good examples of golf barrier nets that have unique shapes to them – demonstrating some of the product availability from Gourock for golf range nets. These were all built from the #12 X 1″ tarred twisted-knotted nylon netting, completed within 2 weeks of the order being placed, and shipped to the installation contractor’s facility via UPS Ground.

Custom nylon protective nets for golf ball exclusion.
Custom nylon protective nets for golf ball exclusion.

And in this third custom netting example we are showing a golf ball protection net that was produced for one of our recent residential homeowner customers that needed to block errant golf balls from hitting his windows, siding, patio, and roof. This golf ball protection net was constructed from the #18 X 1″ tarred DuPont® nylon netting, with 5/16″ rope bordered perimeter edges – and also incorporated some additional 30′ long rope tails extending from the corners of the panel, as well as extending from a pair of vertical rope rib-lines. Our client needed the central rope rib-lines to line up with the locations of his existing poles, and the tails were being utilized through some pulley blocks in order to hoist the net up-and-down as preferred. This custom net was constructed and shipped out within a week of the order being placed, and shipped to their home via UPS Ground.

Residential home golf ball barrier netting to protect property.
Residential home golf ball barrier netting to protect property.

Many thanks again to all of our very appreciated custom netting and golf protection net customers! It is our pleasure to be your trusted barrier netting supplier!

– Josh Grzyb @ Gourock Netting

6 thoughts on “Golf Range Netting and Property Protection Net from Golf Balls”

  1. I’m in Nig Bear Lake, CA on the golf course. I need protection for sure. Please contact me. 702-245-2282.

    1. Thank you for writing! One of the most popular uses for the custom netting that we supply is for golf ball protection netting and property barrier nets to block golf balls. We will make sure to get in touch as per your request – thank you again!

  2. We live on a golf course and end up with broen windows every year or so. We need netting abnout 5′ x 12′. Please contact us to discuss options. We live in Park City, UT.
    Dan and Debbie Taylor

    1. Thank you for writing Ji! Sounds great – we can absolutely supply you with golf barrier netting that you can use for your golf ball property protection needs, as we specialize in nets that can be made to any sizing as well as from premium materials for projects just like yours.

      Recommended for golf barrier netting is the 1” tarred DuPont Type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting, built with a 5/16” rope bordered perimeter edge around it. We offer this in a thinner twine (#12) and a thicker twine (#18). Both function very well and are popular for golf ball barrier needs, and here is where we offer some additional information for these netting types:

      Most nets are clipped around the edges to a series of tensioned cables/wires. Whether they are cables that are installed vertically (such as around a driving range, stadium or sports court) or horizontally (such as over a roof, parking lot, or playground) the approach is usually:
      1: mount a series of stout poles/posts/supports into the ground or building/roof
      2: install tensioned cables/wires between the posts/poles/supports
      3: have the netting made to the preferred sizing/dimension, and the netting should have a rope border installed around its perimeter
      4: clip the rope bordering of the netting to the tensioned cables/wires using snap-hooks or other similar hooks/clips/ties

      We do also supply most (but not all) of the cabling materials that can be considered for use as well:

      Feel free to keep in touch at your convenience and it is our pleasure to assist!

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