Hockey Puck Containment Nets: Keeping the Game Safe and Secure

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Nylon Netting for Hockey Rinks: Versatile Solution for Barrier and Puck Containment

At we specialize in containment netting and barrier netting that is often needed for hockey puck containment needs. The custom nets that we offer are great solutions for very wide variety of different uses, and the need to block and contain hockey pucks has always been a popular use for our netting products. For private residential customers that have ice at their home, the nets that we have available are really great for puck containment for missed shots behind the goal – allowing for dependable property protection and to make the ice more enjoyable overall (our to keeping the majority of pucks within the skating area).

With this in-mind, with the winter season approaching and the outdoor hockey ice going in for many people across North America, should you find the need to install some netting over your boards, behind the goal, or on the sides of the rink – here at Gourock Nets we can accommodate any height and length that you require for your project. The most typically recommended netting selection for outdoor hockey puck netting from our line is the #18 X 1″ DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon. This is a very durable and weather-resilient barrier netting product that is built for longterm outdoor weather exposure in all environments (UV as well as moisture/ice), and it features an enhanced weather-coating known as a “tar-treatment”. The twine of the #18 twisted nylon has a high 191 lb. tensile strength rating, and the 1″ mesh size is perfect for hockey puck containment – including full-velocity shot impacts.

At we offer the netting built according to any dimensions that you prefer to be working with, directly through our Custom Netting Online Calculator. Netting can be ordered with a 5/16″ Dacron® rope bordered finishing edge, or simply as sections of cut mesh if you prefer working with lengths of bulk material. Netting can be hung or installed in a wide variety of different methods and techniques – using many different types of materials. But generally-speaking, a commonplace approach is to set a series of poles on intervals across the area of coverage – and then to span a tensioned wire between them in order to clip/hook the netting to. Or – sometimes some of our customers simply set their posts and then span the netting between them on its own (without using an upper wire or cable). There is a lot of personal preference involved with the structural aspect of hickey netting projects – but when you have a good idea of the finished area, always know that you can get the netting produced according to whatever sizing you need.

Here are a few reference photos and examples of Gourock’s #18 X 1″ tarred nylon netting being used at different residential hockey and ice rink set-ups. In these examples, our customers had a series of posts or poles installed where the netting was required to span between. Hopefully these examples help demonstrate some installation ideas that you may want to consider for your outdoor ice rink hockey puck containment netting project – and they also show the #18 X 1” netting so that you can get a decent context of its appearance outdoors. Nets like these are typically manufactured and ready to ship out in about 5 working days from the order date – and they are 100% Made in the USA in both materials and expert hand-craftsmanship. We do offer free netting sample swatches to mail out as well, so if you want to get some of the netting in-hand simply request a sample from us and we can get it underway!

Many thanks again to all of our appreciated custom nylon netting customers and clients! It is our pleasure to be your valued source for custom netting, barrier nets, containment netting, and custom netting solutions!

Hockey Puck Containment Netting Over Boards at an Outdoor Sports Court
Hockey Puck Containment Netting Over Boards at an Outdoor Sports Court
Hockey Puck Barrier Netting at an Outdoor Ice Rink
Hockey Puck Barrier Netting at an Outdoor Ice Rink
1" Knotted Nylon Netting at an Outdoor Hockey Ice Rink used for Puck Blocking and Containment
1″ Knotted Nylon Netting at an Outdoor Hockey Ice Rink used for Puck Blocking and Containment
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2 thoughts on “Hockey Puck Containment Nets: Keeping the Game Safe and Secure”

  1. We have an outdoor dek rink with chain link fencing and was looking to get netting behind goals on top of this chain link. Maybe trying to get poles that could Slide into existing fence posts. Do you have Installers? We have a local dek with it this way in mckeesport pa so by chance if you sold them this We would like same layout.

    1. Thank you for writing and getting in touch Christopher! On our end, we can absolutely supply you with the netting aspect of the project – and barrier nets for puck containment has always been a popular product supply for us to ship out. We are on the supply-side exclusively (for the netting) and do not do installation services, but we do ship netting to generally anybody that needs it for their barrier/protection project. Usually you’ll want to check with a local or regional fencing materials distributor or installer for the poles or structural side of the project – and then when you have a good idea of the sizing for the netting needed, we can definitely produce the netting to match. Hockey puck barrier nets are often built from the #18 X 1″ twisted-knotted nylon netting in most cases: – hopefully this helps you along a bit more with your project, and always feel free to get in touch with us directly and we can further assist! –

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