Basketball Barrier Netting and Poles

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Basketball Barrier Netting and Poles

Netting for basketball courts and for general basketball barrier purposes is available from, and is a very popular solution for containing basketballs within the playing area.  When installed behind the hoop or along the side of the court/playing area, the basketball barrier netting keeps missed shots and passes from rolling down hills and into the wood, or from flying into the street and a neighbor’s property.  The intention with the barrier netting is to minimize the frustration of constantly chasing errant balls, making the basketball court space a more effective area to play in.

At we supply basketball netting that is prepared according to any preferred dimensions that you need for your area – so you’re able to get the protective coverage needed for your particular needs.  Generally speaking, the most recommended netting types for basketball containment purposes is the 4″ mesh size nylon netting, or the smaller 1-3/4″ mesh size nylon netting.  If you are concerned with basketball exclusively, than the 4″ mesh is a great consideration.  If you wish to block basketballs along with smaller balls as well (tennis, hockey, baseball, etc.) you can go with the 1-3/4″ mesh size nylon netting and have a very multipurpose containment netting setup.  With Gourock you can use our convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator to price out and securely order the netting that you specifically prefer.  This means that you don’t have to make accommodations for nets that are mis-matched for your practice space, and you can get a barrier netting setup that not only functions extremely well but also looks great as well.

We also offer a really convenient netting installation product called the In-Ground Steel Poles.  This installation system features a steel ground sleeve/anchor that twists-down into the soil, and incorporates a 2″ steel pole assembly that then slides into the ground anchor. offers the pole and anchor setup in 4 different finished heights:  8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′.  With the range of heights available, you can get the most effective barrier netting installation for your specific basketball practice area.  If the netting is further away from the court or driveway area, you can consider going with something like the 8′ high poles and netting.  For nets and poles that are to be closer to the hoop or court, the 10′ high and 12′ high poles are very popular – along with the corresponding netting to match.  And for maximum area coverage, the 14′ high poles and netting do the job very well.

The poles are recommended to be spaced out at 10′-12′ intervals in most cases, in order to properly support the netting along the length needed.  The site provides some great examples of the poles and nets that are installed at a variety of different court, driveway, and other general outdoor basketball practice areas.  

Here is an example from a Gourock customer that installed the 14′ high In-Ground Steel Poles around their private home basketball court space.  The netting that was used for this installation was the #21 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting, square mesh pattern, with a 5/16″ rope bordering around the edges.  They needed the barrier netting coverage to secure the area directly behind the hoop – and then also extending around one of the corners as well.  This is a really nice and effective barrier netting setup that allows them to get the protective coverage that they prefer, and with very durable netting materials that look attractive and perform excellently.  A nice final touch with the use of our Bungee Ball Attachment Straps to secure the netting to the poles, allowing for a taught fit, and to minimize the movement of the netting from wind.

Take a look at the series of photos below for a good reference on how you can accomplish a basketball netting installation at your own home, park, or school – and for additional online references on the materials used for this project, see these links at the site/store:

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2 thoughts on “Basketball Barrier Netting and Poles”

  1. I need a 10ft netting pole for basketball as a replacement. My poles have 3 piece and i am looking for 4ft bottom part which goes to concrete pole base,
    Do you sale it?

    1. Thank you for getting in touch with your question! We do not stock or supply pole/post or tubular steel products at this time, so are unable to quote on that for you. Very sorry about that! Gourock specializes in netting materials nearly exclusively, but hasn’t been distributing tubular steel products for a few years at this point. Maybe there is a fencing materials supplier or tubing distributor in your local area that may be able to assist with what you’re aiming for. Thanks again for writing, and have a very nice day!

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