Backyard Soccer Netting

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Backyard Soccer Netting

Soccer netting is a popular product offering that we supply at, and you have several different quality options to consider for your project.  The nylon netting available through is very functional for containing and blocking errant soccer ball shots, and provides longterm durability as a dependable soccer barrier material.  Featuring 100% Made in the USA materials and craftsmanship, the DuPontĀ® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting that we have available for soccer barrier net installations is available for you to order according to any custom dimensions that you require.

For soccer-specific applications, the most recommended netting to consider is the 4″ square mesh knotted nylon.  We have two different twine thicknesses available in the 4″ mesh size, which are a #15 (1.8mm) and a heavier #30 (2.3mm).  There are some great benefits to consider for each of these twine thicknesses, and they are both popular for all types of soccer netting installations.  For instance, if your soccer netting needs to be as minimally visible as possible, go for the #15 twine.  Situations where the light-weight #15 X 4″ netting is preferred include gymnasium ceiling and lighting protection, indoor barrier netting around spectator areas, residential netting installations that are accounting for a view or neighbors, and miscellaneous general-use soccer netting projects.  In other cases, the soccer barrier netting that is most recommended for higher-abrasion installations (such as schools, parks, facilities, and stadiums) is the heavier #30 X 4″ nylon.  The thicker #30 nylon is also fantastic for full-time outdoor soccer field barrier netting installations, higher than average UV exposure locations, and other general municipal, commercial, and professional soccer netting applications. mails out free netting samples, so if you’d ever like to take a look at the different soccer netting options we have available you are invited to contact us and request that the samples be mailed to you.

Many of Gourock’s netting customers are private residential individuals that need to contain soccer balls within their property and practice area.  Oftentimes, this consists of a flat barrier netting panel that is suspended between a series of poles, supports, or cables/wires.  We have a lot of information available to provide you about these types of barrier netting and soccer netting projects on our site.  However, we also see many people that require a more unique or personalized barrier netting setup.  
Here are some photos showing a Gourock soccer netting customer that had developed a unique training area that incorporates some outer walls, and also the #15 X 4″ knotted nylon netting to keep the soccer balls within the space.  The #15 X 4″ soccer netting is a great choice for this type of project, since it’s lightweight twine thickness is great to install overhead (the ceiling netting) as well as being minimally visible so that it doesn’t distract from viewing the players or the play action.

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