Basketball Containment Netting and Barrier Nets

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Basketball Containment Netting and Barrier Nets

At we specialize in supplying netting and custom nets that are used for a very wide variety of different applications and purposes.  Over the years, a very popular need for netting is behind basketball hoops at residential locations to contain errant balls and shots.  Some typical situations are that a family or property owner has a really great hoop and laying area on their driveway or sport-court area, however their enjoyment of using it is greatly diminished by continuously chasing after and retrieving basketballs that end up flying over into a neighbor’s place, down a hill or into the woods, or out into the street.

Barrier netting is a fantastic solution to these issues, and at you can get basketball barrier nets fabricated according to any sizing that you need for your area of coverage.  We supply them per-order, built to your own specific custom dimension needs, with fast turnaround and very high quality materials.  As you get researching different options for barrier nets, we suggest taking a good look at the #30 X 4″ knotted nylon netting that we have available.  This is a highly-durable DuPont® Type 66-728 Nylon that features a twine thickness of 2.3mm and a tensile strength rating of 334 lbs.  The 4″ square mesh size makes it an optimal selection for blocking basketballs, as well as blending into the background and minimizing its visibility when hung up.  This is a 100% Made in USA netting selection, and is generally produced with a 5/16″ braided Dacron® rope bordered edge that is sewn-in around the perimeter of the mesh.

In a lot of the residential basketball barrier applications that we supply netting for, the area in question already has a fence around the space.  However, typical property line fences are only 6′ in height (or so), and they don’t block nearly the amount of errant basketballs as needed or preferred.  A really great and efficient approach to this problem is to use netting above the existing fence to extend containment coverage.  We suggest mounting, bolting, or otherwise affixing a series of posts to an existing fence – and then spanning a netting panel across the overall area.  We often see different customers achieve this by using conduit or EMT, steel tubing or poles, wood posts, or even strong/rigid PVC tubing options.  These materials you can pick up locally at a hardware store, or a fencing materials supplier.

Once the tubing extensions are dependably mounted or attached to the existing fence, you can have the netting panel made to fit the exact space required.  This allows for a really level and professional looking netting installation that functions extremely well.  The #30 X 4″ knotted nylon netting is very well prepared for full-time outdoor usage, as it is UV resistant and also bonded against moisture – so you can depend on it being perfectly functional for many years.  We also suggest attaching the netting to the poles themselves by utilizing some Bungee Ball Attachment Straps every 12″ or so.  These function in a very similar fashion as a plastic zip-tie, however they are re-usable and easily adjustable.

Here is another recent customer-provided photo of their basketball barrier net that did this exact project – and it looks really great!  This setup utilizes the #30 X 4″ nylon netting between their installed support posts.  Take a look at the following photo and you can get really good context on achieving a fantastic basketball barrier netting solution, and making your playing and shooting area much more enjoyable!

Many thanks again Philip!  Your netting installation and approach is super nice, and we at greatly appreciate your netting order!

-Josh Grzyb @

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