Commercial Soccer Facility in Miami

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Recently, a new commercial soccer facility was constructed in Miami, FL and the custom soccer barrier netting panels were sourced and supplied by  Soccer barrier netting is a very popular netting solution that we handle consistently, and the availability of custom netting built to any dimensions required is a extraordinary useful product feature for contractors, facilities, and end-users.
Here’s a copy of a recent email from ‘Georgeson Architectural Group’, the company behind the new “Soccer 5” facility in Miami:

Just a short note to thank you for your efforts in delivering another superb project for in Miami – keep an eye on for leagues/tournaments and news.
I thought you might like a copy of the Case Study which I’ve attached for your records and I’ve also included a recent Miami Herald Press arcticle:
Our Architectural group ‘Georgeson’ was very proud to create S5 Miami for Scott and again our GC Group ‘Constructive’ was very pleased with construction and in particular the support from you, our so valued partners.
So, all the best Scott and thank you for letting us build this case study and use your press article – and bring on the roll out of Soccer 5 as you ‘get in the game’ throughout the USA with the evolution of soccer 5 v 5! facilitated and supplied 12 custom netting panels for the facility, which you can view both Miami Herald article linked above, as well as in the photo below.  The netting of choice was the very high-quality and durable #44 X 1-3/4″ Square Mesh Knotless Nylon Netting with 1/4″ Dacron® Rope Bordering Installed.  The panel sizes that were facilitated/mfg./shipped were:

  • (2x) 6′ X 65′
  • (4x) 6′ X 60′
  • (6x) 6′ X 90′

In addition, all of the cabling hardware and installation accessories for the installation were also supplied for the permanent hanging of the netting panels at the location.  A similar barrier netting installation approach as noted here at this link was undertaken, and the materials sourced and supplied were:

  • (5x) 3/16″ x 250′ Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • (1x) Cable Cutter
  • (24x) 3/8” Turnbuckle
  • (50x) 3/16” Galvanized Cable Clamps
  • (1250x) 1/4” Snap Hook (Aluminum Carabiner Hook, Black)

All of these hardware items can be viewed and sourced at the Netting Installation Hardware part of the Gourock site/store.

All-in-all, a great solution for a high-end commercial soccer facility that will generate lots of fantastic opportunities for the soccer community in the Miami region!

-Josh Grzyb @

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