Custom Netting to Cover an Arched Frame – Specialty Nylon Nets

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Custom Netting to Cover an Arched Frame – Specialty Nylon Nets 

The nylon netting productions that we have available at are used for a very wide variety of unique applications and purposes.  Because our company offers many different netting mesh sizes and twine thicknesses, along with the ability to have specialized shapes and sizes created for your specific job, there are great custom net solutions available for your particular project.

A few weeks ago there was a unique netting production that we supplied that was intended to cover a specialized arch-shaped framing structure that our customer had in his garden.  The framing is built over some garden boxes, and the intention of the netting is to block birds and exclude them from easy access to the growing plants, berries, and fruit.  The way that our customer wished to install the netting was as one continuous netting design that could he could slide over the top of his frame in one piece (pillowcase-style).

The main factors to take into consideration for this custom netting production revolved around the arched/rounded shape of the framing ceiling, as well as our customer’s need for an integrated entrance area on one end (for access into the garden).  In addition, we needed to take into account a bit of extra sizing tolerance to the finished netting design so that the one-piece netting design was able to fit over the dimensions of the frame, while not adding too much extra size in order to keep the mesh relatively tight/even while hanging up.  And then finally, since the purpose of the netting is for bird exclusion – the best netting choice requires a combination of a smaller mesh size, without adding a bunch of extra netting weight/thickness.

For this project, the material selection was the #15 X 3/4″ DuPont Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting.  This is a 144 lb./tensile strength netting with a 1.8mm twine thickness, black in coloring, and well-prepared for full-time outdoor installations.  Creating the custom production on this netting job was accomplished with a square mesh pattern orientation, along with a 5/16″ Dacron Rope Bordering installed to seam all nets together into the final enclosure design.  As you can see from the netting production sketch included below, the dimensions of the arched framing and the entrance area were both specifically created based on our customer’s particular sizing needs.  Our customer had forwarded over his measurements of his framing area, along with images of the framing itself – which were very helpful for context and getting the right product designed for him.  Once the quoting process was completed and the order was approved, the fabrication timing on this custom net was about 7 business days (and then it shipped out via UPS Ground).

Thank you again David!  It was great working with you, and we appreciate your business very much! specializes in custom nylon netting productions that are 100% Made in USA from the highest quality American nylon netting materials and hand-craftsmanship.  If you have unique applications that would benefit from a netting solution, definitely feel free to get in touch with and we can take a look at things for you!

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