Custom Nylon Netting For RV Cover/Structure

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Nylon netting is a very functional and efficient solution for a very wide variety of multipurpose uses and applications.  Some of the more popular and well known uses for nets focus around athletics and sports, driving ranges, training facilities, and residential protective setups.  However, the different types of diverse purposes for netting certainly number in the thousands and at we have experience assisting people with nets for almost any usage that you can think of!

Recently a customer of ours required a covering of barrier netting to enclose their large RV parking structure.  They noted that there was a need to protect the RV from leaves and debris while parked seasonally, and that the best approach was to utilize a mesh netting that would be strong and reliable to accomplish their goal.  Luckily for them, Gourock specializes in supplying netting for applications and needs just like theirs, and we were able to design a great solution for them and get the netting fabricated and shipped their way within a couple of weeks.

For outdoor leaf/debris installations the recommended netting selection to most highly consider is the 1″ DuPont® type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon netting.  This particular netting construction features an extra tar-coating saturated through the twines – allowing for maximum resilience to UV exposure and moisture.  There are a couple of different twine thicknesses available, which are #12 (1.7mm, 116 lb./twine) and also a thicker #18 (1.9mm, 191 lb./twine).  Both are very popular for full-time outdoor applications and have general life expectancies of 7+ years for the #12 and 10+ years for the #18.
The 1″ knotted nylon netting is fabricated in a diamond mesh pattern, typically with a 5/16″ Dacron® rope bordering sewn-in to the edges, and according to any dimensions that are required for the job.  Some of the most unique custom nets that have been supplied by Gourock have been built from the 1″ knotted nylon, and for installations both exceedingly large and also very small.  Certainly feel free to contact us to see if it is a good way for you to go with your specific need!

The RV cover-netting had some particular shape/sizing requirements in order to function as per customer preferences.  One large net was to cover the sides and top, while another series of nets were required for the ends.  Some of the more highly customized aspects of this job include:

  • rope riblines sewn through the netting
  • 5/16″ rope bordering surrounding all perimeter edges
  • entrance areas (bordered) located at various locations
  • tapered shapes

Take a look at the production drawings below, and you can see some of the custom netting fabrication options that were done on this recent RV cover order – and you can also request similar sorts of features for your own netting job as well.  Always feel free to use our contact form to request a quotation!

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