Driveway Basketball Court Barrier Netting

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Driveway Basketball Court Barrier Netting supplies custom netting products that are used for a very wide and diverse range of applications.  One of the very popular uses for our netting is as a barrier against basketballs that roll away from driveway basketball hoops at a private residence.  There are many customers of ours that have a hoop or court area located on their property or driveway – and they are constantly chasing basketballs that roll away from the practice space due to missed shots, or just from general playing.  Sometimes the driveway or property is on a hill, which means their missed shots roll away for quite a distance!  Alternatively, there are instances where errant basketballs have the potential of rolling into a street, or live traffic, or perhaps into the woods or a pond.  All of these are situations that are best avoided by using a barrier net to contain missed shots and rolling/errant balls. has many netting options available that are fantastic for basketball barrier uses, for all types of installation areas including private residences, schools and municipalities, teams and organizations, as well as commercial and professional arenas.  The most popular and recommended selections that we supply for basketball barrier netting are in mesh sizes of 1-3/4″, 2″, and 4″.  There are various twine thicknesses available for each mesh size, and essentially any sort of completed dimensions can be ordered, produced, and shipped to you.  All of those mesh sizes are very functional for basketball barrier uses – and most people choose the netting they want to go with based on additional preferences such as also having the ability to block smaller objects as well, considerations of thicker and thinner twine for visibility or abrasion/wear-and-tear, and whether or not there are concerns with hands/feet being able to go through the mesh.  We have some great recommendations available to view and price/order on this page of the Gourock site.

Barrier netting behind or to the side of driveway basketball hoop and practice areas has always been a popular request for us here at Gourock.  There are always different sizes and situations involved with each particular customer, and in many cases people already have some sort of installation structure available (or being constructed) to hang and suspend the netting from.  However there are many people that not only need the netting, but they also require a system and solution for hanging the nets up.  Fortunately through you have access not only to really functional netting selections, but we also have an In-Ground Steel Pole installation option to consider as well.

The In-Ground Steel Poles use a sectional pole design as well as an in-ground mounting anchor/sleeve that are assembled together and used as standalone supports for barrier nets.  There are 4 different finished sizes to go with, which are 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′ in height.  And since the poles are sectional in design, some customers have opted to eliminate pole sections and achieve shorter heights or other custom preferences.  There is good online information about these poles available on this page of the Gourock site, and we also offer the following video guideline about them as well:

Here are a couple of recent examples of basketball barrier nets that were ordered to custom sizing, along with in-ground steel pole components, that were installed at residential locations.  Both feature basketball hoops on driveways – but use different netting mesh/twine sizes based on personal preferences.  Here are a few of photos provided to us by our customers who reported great results and a lot of product satisfaction from their finished projects.

Example 1:
This is a private residence that opted to use #21 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting (square mesh, rope bordered) for the barrier netting.  One of the nets is 12′ X 24′ and is installed behind the hoop area – suspended between 3 of the 12′ tall poles.  The second net is from the same material, but built 4′ X 22′ and is suspended between 3 of the ground sleeves/anchors that are using only the 33″ and 23″ pole sections (to accomplish a shorter overall height for the shorter netting).
The tall netting is very typical in size and installation for a lot of basketball barrier nets that are installed behind a driveway basketball hoop.  The shorter netting is more unique since its purpose is only to prevent rolling balls that may come off of the side of the court area and over into the street.  The netting is tensioned/tightened to the poles using Gourock’s Bungee Ball Straps.

Example 2:
This is a private residence that needed to only block basketballs from rolling down their driveway and into the adjacent street.  They wanted the lightest and least-visible netting possible, which is the #15 X 4″ knotted nylon netting (square mesh, with a rope border).  This net was 5′ X 25′ in sizing, and also suspended across the driveway between a pair of the 8′ poles/anchors – however in order to get the poles down to a shorter overall height they eliminated the 23″ pole section from the assembly. A few bungee straps are also used, and they opted to weigh-down the bottom of the netting with some bricks that they had on-hand.

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  1. Trying to get to your in ground steel poles section but the link is not working. Can you please call me or send me something with your options. I am looking to prevent basketball from going into our neighbor’s yard. I am concerned that the net needs to be at least 10′ high. I think 10″ wide is okay but could go a little wider. Do you offer a “kit” that has everything I need?

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you for writing Peter! Unfortunately we had discontinued our stock and supply of tubular steel products in 2019, and sold-off the remaining inventory by early 2020. Not for a lack of popularity or product function by any means – they were a great product that are still being used out there by previous customers (we leave some of this information about them online as a historical reference for our customers using those parts). But rather, as a netting specialty firm we wanted to focus on the netting aspects of projects exclusively, as there are some other firms in the steel distribution market that can accommodate some of these tubular steel/post/sleeves as their main product. For instance, there is a company called American Ground Screw that you may want to look into for the ground sleeve anchors, as they have been a very popular source for many of our netting customers over the years. They specialize in the sleeves/anchors, and have compatibility with many different sizes/types/diameters of poles or posts (which are often available from a local fencing supplier or tubing distributor). Hopefully this helps you out a bit with your research, and always feel free to keep in touch with us for any netting questions you may have!

  2. Peter, We often use 20ft long 1.5″ diameter galv water pipe as vertical net holders. For ease of installation we will sometimes drive a 2″ pipe in the ground to receive the 1.5″ pipe. That way you can drive the 2″ pipe in a few feet, and not need to hassle to try to drive the 20ft pipe in.

    1. Great information and helpful tips on that approach Steve! Thank you for adding to this conversation about netting installation and one of the approaches that you take – it provides good context and details for sure!

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