Leaf Barrier Netting and Debris Nets, Bocce Court Example

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Leaf Barrier Netting and Debris Nets, Bocce Court Example

Many of our customers that are seeking custom netting solutions are doing so because they are dealing with leaves and debris covering various areas of their property or land.  Some pretty commonplace examples of this type of situation are nets that are blocking leaves from ponds, pools, lawns, or property boundaries.  At Gourock.com we have many different available options for your consideration that are very effective for leaf, pond, and debris barrier – and you can view this part of the site for more information on the generally recommended netting selections, as well as their pricing and production options.

One of the smallest mesh size offerings that we have available is the 1/4″ polyester debris material – and this is a great option to consider for block smaller-sized leaves and general debris-type objects.  The 1/4″ polyester fabric is very well suited for long-term outdoor exposure, it has a high resiliency against tearing and/or punctures, and is a lightweight fabric that is easy to work with so that you can accomplish your goal with dependable results.

Recently we assisted a customer that was tired of picking up and raking leaves out of his home bocce court in Pennsylvania.  The court measures 12′ X 48′ in total area, and his primary objective was to use the 1/4″ polyester netting with a rope bordering sewn-around the edges, along with Gourock’s Bungee Ball Straps, to suspend the netting over the top of the court for all times that it is not being used.  He wanted the netting to catch and contain all of the falling leaves from surrounding trees, and prevent them from actually accumulating inside his court and on-top of the playing surface.  This would mean he could dramatically reduce the amount of time set aside for prep and cleanup of the court area, and increase the amount of actual playing time.

Our customer opted to order the material slightly wider than needed, in order to have enough material on-hand to adjust the fit and installation as preferred – so he went for a 13′ X 48′ rope bordered panel, built from the 1/4″ polyester.  He noted that he’s still tinkering with the suspension and hanging method he most prefers for the netting, but that the end result of blocking leaves from the court surface is functioning very, very well and he is quite happy with the results.  He forwarded over some example photos of his bocce court both with and without the barrier netting installed – and it looks like a very nice and functional finished project!

Thanks again David, looks great – and we appreciate your business and feedback very much!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

6 thoughts on “Leaf Barrier Netting and Debris Nets, Bocce Court Example”

  1. We have a bocce court with inside dimensions of 10’ W x 60’ L. It is surround by a concrete curb or border that is approximately 9” think and 12-16” tall.

    The bocce court is under quite a bit of trees and canopy including a walnut tree so we are constantly blowing it off and losing crushed oyster materials.

    I am interested in getting a cover made like a fitted sheet that has 10’x60’ of your mesh netting and the. For the portion that goes over the concrete some sort of canvas or duck cloth that can help the cover to fit over the court like a fitted sheet.

    Is this possible? Can you provide an estimate on cost and time? Thank you.

    1. Good Morning Chris – thank you for leaving your comment! We can facilitate a 10′ X 60′ net for that application – no problem at all. The material shown in this article is the 1/4″ polyester debris fabric, which is a great selection for your needs. It can be ordered to any dimensions, and with production options of being supplied as a bulk/cut piece of mesh, or with a sewn-in rope border, or with a sewn-on webbing and grommet border. See this page of our store for details and pricing options: https://www.gourock.com/debris_fabric.html

      We can do the netting in flat panels, but not really like a fitted sheet per-se. However, if you’re able to utilize a 2-dimensional net and then work with it on-site to achieve a certain type of effect or fit, the material is very user-friendly to work with. Hopefully that helps out a bit as you do your research!

  2. I am trying to keep my neighbors leaves out of my yard. Is there something that could attach to a cinder block wall and go up 6-8 ft?

    1. Thank you for writing and getting in touch Ruby! We supply quite a bit of netting for leaf/debris projects like yours, and lots of previous customers have attached netting to their existing wall/fence and extended it upwards. You’ll want to take a look into mounting some sort of tubing or post into the existing wall in order to have something available to strap or secure the netting to. For instance, something like a series of steel EMT or fencing posts may work well for you – spacing them out on period intervals (around 6′-8′ spacing or so). With those in-place you can then have a net prepared to any sizing at all that you wish to be working with – and you can strap the netting to the posts with bungee-ball straps, tie-wraps, zip-ties, or any other similar type of attachment product. For leaf containment needs you’ll usually want to most consider something like the #12 X 1″ twisted-knotted nylon netting in most cases: https://www.gourock.com/KNN121.html or for something with a finer mesh size there is the 1/4″ polyester that is also pretty popular: https://www.gourock.com/debris_fabric.html – hopefully that helps out a bit more, and thank you again!

    1. Thank you for writing Gino! My pleasure – no problem at all on that netting and sizing. We offer 1/4″ Hex-Mesh Polyester Netting in this case, and it has been very popular for bocce court applications over the years. Here is the direct product link on our store for reference and ordering: https://www.gourock.com/debris_fabric.html and 10 X 60′ is certainly available. Price for 10′ X 60′ provided as cut sections of mesh (no perimeter edge bordering) = $427.50/ea. Price for 10′ X 60′ with a 3/16″ rope bordered perimeter edge sewn-on = $630.50/ea. Price for 10′ X 60′ with 1-1/2″ webbing border edge with grommets stamped every 12″ = $882.50/ea. Always feel free to keep in touch at any time and we can assist! Thanks again!

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