Inventory of “Factory 2nd” Batting Cage Nets

Friday, August 31st, 2012

If you’re an organization or team, municipality, school, or commercial facility that is currently seeking a full-sized heavy-duty batting cage netting enclosure – you may want to take a look at the very limited inventory of brand new “factory 2nd” #48 HDPE nets that we have available at
These are a very, very good opportunity to source a 12′ high X 14′ wide X 70′ long batting cage net at an incredible pricing and shipping deal.  These nets are completely new and unused, and are considered factory seconds due to the possibility of a few re-sewn meshes or cosmetic discrepancies.  Absolutely nothing that will detract from the fulltime usage and dependability for longterm high-abrasion baseball/softball training applications for both outdoor and indoor installations.
Here are the details, and head over to the “specials” page on the Gourock site to make your purchase or for further review:

total price (delivered):  $629!

12′ X 14′ X 70′ Batting Cage Net Enclosure
With Entrance Door & Attachment Tails
#48 Heavy-Duty HDPE Netting


Batting Cage Netting Dimensions: 12′ high X 14′ wide X 70′ long

Features: Heavy-Duty 2.8mm X 1-3/4″ (#48 HDPE≈240 lb./twine) Square Mesh High-Density PolyEthylene Cage Netting (UV stabilized HDPE), Twisted-Knotted Mesh Construction, 3/8″ ‘Overlock-Stitched’ Sewn HDPE Rope Borders (all edges + ceiling), Entrance Door, 3′ Installation Rope Tails.  Factory 2nd Product.

Listing Includes: (1x) 12′ X 14′ X 70′ Batting Cage Netting Enclosure (NEW Factory 2nd)
FACTORY 2ND NET:  This is a new/unused product that is perfectly functional and dependable.  There may be some extra knots, re-seamed twines, or cosmetic aspects to a few meshes.  Nothing that hinders the performance of the netting – and this is a very good opportunity and deal on a commercial-level batting cage net.  Very limited inventory available.

**Due to the heavy-weight of the item, this ships via trucking company (Roadrunner or Con-Way) – shipping to Continental USA Only.
SHIPPING/TRUCKING RATE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE (there are no additional s/h fees to be applied)

* Featuring a Wide Variety of Installations & Qualities, Including:
* High Impact Baseball & Softball Batting Practice

* General Multi-Sport Netting Enclosure (+2″ Diameter Objects)
* 3/8″ Rope Borders On All Edges & Center Ceiling

* 3′ Rope Attachment Tails (see below image)
* Outdoor & Indoor Usage/Installation
* Convenient Rope Bordered Entrance Door

* Weighs 160 lbs., Great For High-Abrasion Heavy-Duty Scholastic/Residential Installations

* #48 HDPE Nets Feature Twisted-Knotted Square Mesh & UV Stabilized/Extruded Black Permanent Coloring
* Install Within Vertical Poles/Frame, Cable-Suspension, Freestanding Frame, Etc. (framing not included)

* HDPE Knotted Netting Will NOT Fade, Shrink, or Mildew!
* Ships Out Within 1-2 Business Days!

-Josh Grzyb @

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