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Thursday, August 16th, 2012

At we have always offered a wide variety of netting meshes and twines for our customers, and continued expansion of our product line leads us to introduce a new category of screening and fabric materials.  Typically known as “Industrial Fabrics”, we’re happy to add some selections of tightly-woven screening materials to our general netting offerings.  You can take a look at great product details/pricing/ordering on this page of the Gourock site.  While the nylon and polypro netting options that we have available are incredibly versatile and useful for a very wide spectrum of applications – there are instances where very small mesh screening is needed.  For example:

  • privacy/shade considerations
  • blocking/containing very small objects
  • debris containment
  • reinforcement mesh for sports impact applications
  • visual considerations

And of course, since we are always assisting customers that have very unique needs for netting and mesh products there are always other customized and particular uses that are popping-up everyday!

The Industrial Fabrics compliment the rest of the netting line by adding the features provided by small-mesh screening to the typical barrier/containment characteristics of netting.  There may be larger areas of your installation that will be best-suited for the larger mesh nylon netting selections, and then some specific sections of your installation that need to be handled with a very tight-weave material.
For example, a customer of ours that has a sports training facility may want to go with some 1-3/4″ Knotted Nylon Netting for their baseball/softball areas, in combination with the 449 Polyester Impact Netting Fabric for their reinforcement impact material (which also works great as a visual background for pitchers).
Alternatively, a residential customer of ours may need to install some 1″ or 7/8″ Golf Barrier Netting to protect their property from a fairway, and then utilize the Polyethylene Shade Cloth, 50% for privacy/shade screening on their deck/patio.

All three of the new fabric/screening options are available to be sourced by the square footage, and do also have an option of a 3/16″ twisted-nylon machine-sewn rope border.  As noted before, this page of the Gourock site will bring you to all of the details, but here is a quick introductory glance at these new products:

1/4″ Knotless Polyester Debris Fabric
1/4″ Elongated Honeycomb Hexagon Mesh Debris Netting
Details: 85% 1000 Denier Dacron®, 15% 150 Denier Dacron®

Fire Retardant, 24 Gauge Raschel Knotless Construction
Polyethylene Shade Cloth, 50%
Shade Cloth (50%), 1/8″ Debris Netting
Details: HDPE Monofilament

Fire Retardant, 3-Way Lock Stitch Construction

449 Polyester Impact Netting Fabric
3/16″ Elongated Honeycomb Hexagon Mesh Impact Netting
Details: 100% 1000 Denier Dacron®

Fire Retardant, 24 Gauge Raschel Knotless Construction

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