Netting at Coors Field in Denver – Colorado Rockies Stadium

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Netting at Coors Field in Denver – Colorado Rockies Stadium

This past February we supplied a custom netting production for installation at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.  Coors Field is the home to the MLB’s Colorado Rockies baseball team, and is located in downtown Denver.  The need for this particular netting was unique, as the intention was for a dependable bird barrier running along the entire centerfield mezzanine-level staircases – and since the area was pretty clearly exposed to the outside street and sidewalks, the bird barrier netting needed to be as visually unobtrusive as possible.

The solution for this request was a custom-colored nylon netting construction that would closely blend-in with the surrounding infrastructure.  All of the steel at Coors Field is painted a specific green color that is known as “Coors Green”, so it was requested that the netting be fabricated to match that color pigment as to remain as camouflaged as possible when installed.

The goal over at Coors Field was to completely block-off the mezzanine stairwells to keep small birds from entering and nesting in those areas.  Also, the netting would be a multi-purpose barrier to prevent various and miscellaneous objects from being able to fall or passed-through the existing rails.  the best match for this type of installation, taking into account the custom coloring, was the #26 X 1″ square mesh braided-knotless nylon netting.  The 1″ mesh size functions very well for small bird barrier (as well as general-purpose containment), and the mid-weight #26 twine thickness (2.2mm) provides for long-term durability in terms of exposure and abrasion.

Each net was constructed to particular heights and lengths to match the open areas that needed to be blocked-off, and there was a total of 231′ of netting required to cover the center-field stairways.  Each net was colored to the custom “Coors Green” pigment, and featured a 5/16″ rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  The netting was then installed on-site by the local contractor in-charge of the project – and they clipped the netting tightly between tensioned cables. specializes in supplying custom netting solutions for many different types of industrial, commercial, and municipal locations.  Professional stadiums as well as collegiate facilities are also very well served by using the barrier netting supplied by Gourock to best handle their particular needs.  Coors Field is a great example of a high-profile commercial location that required functional and dependable netting that needed to be as minimally visually obtrusive as possible.  Here is a series of photos that show the netting and the installation context from around the stadium – and as you are doing your research into custom netting solutions please feel free to contact us at and we can take a look at what you’re aiming for.

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