Drone UAV Netting at US Space & Rocket Center

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Drone UAV Netting at US Space & Rocket Center

Gourock.com supplies nylon netting for drone and UAV barrier purposes, and we ship nets out for installations that are both very large and also more constrained in overall sizing.  Drone netting is used for a variety of different needs, and some popular UAV netting uses are for trade shows and conventions, university research applications, commercial drone racing facilities, airport and municipality requirements, and also for organizational installations.

There are many different mesh and twine sizes available for drone and UAV safety nets – although the most typically preferred are the #21 X 1-3/4” knotted nylon, or the lighter-weight #12 X 1-3/4” knotted nylon netting. Alternatively for a bit of a larger mesh size, the #15 X 4” knotted nylon, or the thicker #30 X 4” knotted nylon are both suitable and popular as well.  Gourock.com offers drone netting prepared to any custom dimensions that you require, and it is very conveniently sourced right through our Online Netting Calculator:

The DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting that Gourock supplies is the ideal material for drone and UAV safety and barrier installations.  Some notable features include:
  • a very high tensile strength rating
  • a very lightweight physical load per square foot
  • high abrasion resistance
  • UV stabilization with latex/urethane bonding against moisture
  • a variety of twine thicknesses and mesh sizes
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • prepared per-order, to custom dimensions, with fast preparation and turnaround
If you have a drone netting installation that you’d like to get some information on options, quotations, or receive netting samples for – please feel free to contact Gourock and we can assist!

The US Space & Rocket Center is located in Huntsville, AL and is the home to the well-known Space Camp.  A large drone and UAV enclosure area was constructed at their facility, and Gourock supplied the custom netting needed for the project.  After considering several different twine/mesh options, they opted for the #12 X 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting, diamond mesh pattern, with a 5/16″ braided polyester rope bordering sewn-in around the perimeter edges.  The nets were prepared to match their installation area, which was four nets of 44′ X 151′, and then 3 more nets of 51′ X 151′.  Just shy of 700 lbs. of nylon netting, and shipped out within 2 weeks of the finalized order.

As per WAFF news:

Huntsville Gets First Outdoor Drone Space
Huntsville now has its very first outdoor drone facility at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. It looks like a huge net but it serves a purpose.

“A pilot can stand on the outside and they can fly their vehicle on the inside,” said Space & Rocket Center’s Camp Director, Anthony Greer. “So, there’s that extra layer of protection especially for new pilots who’ve never flown before.”

Greer said it can also be used for those who are more experienced.

“The idea is to engage the community and give them a safe place to fly.”

The Space & Rocket Center will use the new drone safe space for the first time at this Saturday’s Alabama International Drone Day.

“We want it open to the public so that people can come learn the safe flight of unmanned aerial systems, what are the rules and regulations around that and just to learn more about drones in general,” said Greer.

They’re still working out a plan to make it more accessible to the public more often.
Meantime, their younger visitors will practice flying drones this summer.

“We’re also going to use it for our camp programs moving forward in space camp, robotics and also aviation challenge.”


-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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