Sand Volleyball Barrier Netting and Outdoor Volleyball Containment Nets

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Sand Volleyball Barrier Netting and Outdoor Volleyball Containment Nets

At we have always specialized in the supply of netting productions and custom nets that are built to contain and block different types of objects in a variety of different situations.  Sport netting and nets used for athletic purposes have always been very popular, as most training areas and court locations need to have a dependable method of containing balls within particular spaces.  For instance, netting is often suspended around basketball and tennis courts, around soccer fields and other outdoor sporting fields, baseball and softball fields and stadiums, and all other types of rinks and playing/practice areas.

Barrier netting for volleyball containment purposes is always available through us at, and we supply volleyball barrier nets for many indoor and outdoor locations, for both traditional and sand volleyball court locations.  A couple of great selections that we have available that are recommended for volleyball containment netting uses are the 2 different 4″ square mesh nylon net options we supply.  A 4″ square mesh netting is optimal for larger objects such as volleyballs, since it is a mesh configuration that is a bit larger in sizing – however perfectly sized for dependable block of volleyballs and similarly-sized sport balls (soccer, basketball, football, etc.).  Using as large of a mesh size as possible really helps minimize the amount of weight and material per square foot for the nets, which aids in keeping the mesh as minimally visible as possible.

For volleyball netting, at Gourock we supply 2 different twine thickness options to consider using in the 4″ square mesh size.  The thinner twine is the #15 (1.8mm with 144 lb./tensile rating) and the thicker twine is the #30 (2.3mm with 334 lb./tensile rating).  For the most lightweight option possible that has the lowest possible ‘visibility’, the #15 X 4″ nylon netting is most popular.  For volleyball netting installations that may expect a higher amount of abrasion, wear-and-tear, or outdoor exposure considerations the #30 X 4″ nylon netting is a fantastic barrier netting choice.  Both are constructed from DuPontĀ® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon, and are 100% Made in the USA.

Through Gourock’s Online Custom Netting Calculator and on the Volleyball Netting category of our online store, you have immediate access to volleyball barrier netting that is prepared according to your own particular sizing needs for the project.  Most any height and any width can be built and shipped out your way, allowing for the perfect netting fit for your court area or any location in-which the containment nets are needed.  The DuPont nylon netting that we supply features high tensile strength and abrasion-resistance, with a low wind-shear % – making them optimal nets for barrier installations and containment applications.

Here are some photos from a recent volleyball barrier netting customer of ours that required netting around their outdoor sand volleyball court.  These nets are built from the lighter #15 X 4″ knotted nylon netting, and you can see how minimally visible and non-distractive the mesh is.  We supplied the different netting panels produced according to the sizes needed between the vertical poles, and shipped them out to the location.

Many thanks to our very appreciated custom netting customers and clients!  Always feel free to keep in touch with us here at!

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