Barrier Netting and Containment Nets for Industrial Installations

Friday, February 5th, 2021

Barrier Netting and Containment Nets for Industrial Installations

At we specialize in the supply of netting, custom nets, and netting productions that are utilized within a wide-range of different applications.  Industrial sites and industrial working locations are a couple of these types of spaces that have many uses for the nets that we provide.  Netting is a fantastic solution for many different situations at industrial locations – usually to facilitate a containment, blockade/barrier, protective, or exclusion need at the site.

Over the years we have shipped out custom nets for many industrial, infrastructural, government, and heavy-industry locations and sites. specializes in custom netting panels and nets that are constructed to most any custom dimensional and size needs, allowing for effective coverage throughout the area of install and blockade necessity.  Using materials such as the highest-quality DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon results in very high durability and strength features.  In addition, Gourock also offers high performance selections such as DuPont® Kevlar Model 956 and High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.  These materials and netting fabrications are all 100% Made in USA, and are produced with fast turnaround times.

Many industrial sites require netting to surround certain areas in order to act as a barrier against debris, foreign objects, birds/animals, or other unique instances of containment.  For instance, landfills and waste facilities utilize vertical barrier nets surrounding various areas of the location to aid in trash and refuse containment.  Or as another example, an industrial processing site may utilize barrier netting over the tops of containment tanks, retainment ponds, or within pavilion structures in order to serve bird exclusion and general blockade purposes.  At we have lots of experience with all of these types of nets, and allow for convenient access to custom-produced sizes so that our industrial netting customers get the best match for their needs.

As with many vertical barrier netting installations, the netting panels that we supply are typically installed within a series of stout poles or posts that have tensioned wires spanned between them.  These tensioned wires are the connection points in which the rope bordering of the netting is clipped or connected to, often by utilizing spring-loaded snap-hooks (carabiner-style clips).  We offer some great additional context about this type of netting installation approach on our site and also throughout the Gourock blog.  Here are a few photos of a relatively recent barrier netting installation in Georgia that we supplied the custom netting panels for.  The overall installation involved a dozen different nets or so, and they were all clipped up to a series of tensioned wires and wood power-line poles.  The nets were constructed from heavy-duty #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon, and rope bordered with 5/16″ braided Dacron® lines.  In addition, each netting panel also incorporated a separate rope-line installed horizontally through the netting which lines up with a central wire within the installation area.  The connection between the central wire and the rope-line of the netting help mitigate the movement of the netting in wind.

Many thanks again to all of our custom netting clients and customers – we appreciate your business very much and it’s always great working with you!

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