Recent Custom Nets Featuring Angles and Triangular Shaped Netting Productions

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Recent Custom Nets Featuring Angles and Triangular Shaped Netting Productions

At we specialize in the supply of custom netting productions, netting panels, and nets built to specified dimensions.  Ranging from very large-scale commercial and industrial barrier nets, all the way to small-sized netting productions for private individual usage, at we have great netting options for quick ordering and turnaround.

Netting and custom nets are really great solutions for a variety of different protective, containment, exclusion, and general safety needs.  When you think about different situations in which objects need to be blocked, contained, or protected in some manner – the use of netting or barrier nets is a dependable and convenient approach to solving the issue.  For instance, there are many customers of ours that utilize netting to keep objects from falling off racks and shelving, or similar purposes.  In addition, there are a lot of Gourock customers that need to protect different areas from debris, errant objects, or other blockade needs.  Whether it be an industrial site, gymnasium, driving range, athletic field-house, warehouse, distribution center, naval ship, residential home, scholastic and municipal location, collegiate location, or most any other unique space, has most likely supplied high-quality netting and custom nets for it.  As a longtime leader in netting supply and e-commerce, conveniently offers custom netting for your immediate sourcing directly through our site and Online Custom Netting Calculator.

Of course, there are also many customer and client netting needs that are best handled with nets that incorporate more specific shape details.  In many cases this means that the area that the netting is going to be installed within has a particular shape that is non-square or rectangular.  With Gourock you can have netting panels constructed to your specific shape and sizing needs, which allows for the best possible fit and performance.  In many cases the preferred solution is to have nets built that feature angles, tapers, or triangular shapes.

Throughout our site and company blog we present many different examples of custom tapered or angled nets that are used for a very wide variety of different uses.  The most popular material that we supply for custom netting panels is the 100% Made in USA DuPontĀ® Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, which is a very durable and high-quality mesh.  At Gourock we have a selection of mesh sizes and twine thicknesses available to best-match the performance needs that you require for your containment, exclusion, or safety needs.  We also have some other American Made mesh options available as well, such as Polyester debris fabric and HDPE debris shade cloth.  We invite you to get in touch with us here at to quote you on specialized custom netting shapes that you may need for your space.  With fast production turnaround times and factory-direct netting supply, is your dependable supplier of high-quality Made in USA netting fabrications that fit your installation with precision.

Here are 4 recent examples from the last few weeks that help demonstrate some of the uniquely customized shape and sizing capabilities available from us here at Gourock Netting and Custom Nets.

These 2 drawings showing the triangular shapes were a series of custom nets that were built from #21 X 3/4″ twisted-knotted nylon netting.  There were 7 nets total for the overall supply job, and all of the nets were finished-off with a 1-1/2″ webbing bordered with brass grommets stamped into the edging every 12″ (entire perimeter).  These nets were built to this specialized shape because our customer needed to block particular areas of his golf driving range hitting bays.  At the driving range site they were having some issues with errant golf drives and shots flying over the general barrier netting that was already surrounding the location.  The preferred solution were triangular netting panels that properly fill-in the problem areas of the hitting bay.  The webbing and grommet bordering allows for convenient attachment points to the existing framing/rafters, and the 3/4″ mesh size performs perfectly for blocking and containing full-velocity golf ball shots.  Nets like these are typically produced and ready to ship out within 7-10 business days.


The image that displays a series of netting panels demonstrates a collection of custom nets that were constructed from 1/4″ Polyester Debris Mesh.  The overall job included a series of 10 rectangular and tapered netting panels, all of which were 1-1/2″ webbing bordered with grommets placed in specific locations.  These nets were designed and produced in these specialized shapes and sizes in order to properly line-up with different openings along a mezzanine storage area at a residential location.  Our customer had a situation where they had a requirement to contain boxes what were located up within the mezzanine storage platform, with the intention of making sure nothing was able to fall out during seismic activity or earthquake.  The small 1/4″ mesh size was preferred in order to create a more “screen-like” visual effect in front of the storage space, and the webbing/grommet border was used in order to have some specifically-located attachment points for hooks.  Nets like these are typically produced and ready to ship out within 7-10 business days.

The netting panel shown with the customized tapered and angled corner feature was produced from HDPE 50% Shade Debris Cloth, with a sewn-in cord edge to finish-off the perimeter edges.  This netting panel was built to this specific sizing and shape in order to properly line-up with the walls of a residential room that needed a debris barrier to cover the ceiling.  The angled area was incorporated into the netting area in order to provide debris mesh coverage over the stairway location of the space.  Building this custom-shaped net worked out very well for our customer because they could use one single netting cover to effectively cover the ceiling area, rather than needing to makeshift a solution from multiple different sections of rectangular netting.  The shade cloth debris cloth was selected in order to have maximum protection against all debris, including very small objects.  Nets like these are typically produced and ready to ship out within 7-10 business days.
Many thanks to all of our very appreciated custom netting customers and clients!  We are proud to be your high-quality netting supplier, and we appreciate your business very much!

-Joshua Grzyb @

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