Scoreboard Protection Netting

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Scoreboard Protection Netting

At we supply nets and netting panels that are used for a very wide variety of safety and protection needs.  At many different sporting facilities, stadiums, and arenas there are scoreboards in-place that need to be protected from impacts to prevent damage.  One of the best ways to protect scoreboards and displays is by installing a protective barrier net in front of it, and we can provide the nets built according to any particular dimensions needed for coverage.

For scoreboard protection netting that is used for larger object considerations, for instance in soccer and football uses, the 4″ mesh size knotted nylon netting is a recommended and dependable selection.  For smaller objects such as baseball and softball protection purposes, the 1-3/4″ mesh size netting options are to be used.  With the materials that we supply here at, including Nylon, Kevlar, and HMWPE netting options, you can use very strong netting twines that can be installed very tightly within the surrounding support structure.  The nylon barrier nets available from Gourock can be ordered directly online through our Custom Netting Calculator, and with the wide variety of twine thicknesses and mesh sizes to choose from you can source the best protective netting fit for your scoreboard protection.

Here is a recent example of a scoreboard protection netting installation at an outdoor soccer facility, and the netting that we supplied for this particular project was the #30 X 4″ twisted-knotted DuPont® 66-728 nylon, with a 5/16″ Dacron® rope bordered finishing edge.  The net was installed tightly within a surrounding framing of tensioned aircraft cable, and the intended purpose of the installation was to block the scoreboard from errant soccer balls and missed shots on goal.

Many thanks again to all of our very appreciated custom netting customers and clients!  Always feel free to keep in touch with us at and we can continue to facilitate your custom athletic netting needs!

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    1. Thank you for writing and getting in touch! We will email you some options and pertinent information, and we appreciate your message and interest!

    1. Hello Steven – thank you for your comment! Absolutely no problem at all on that – we can facilitate most any sizing for nets, and you need for a 6′-6″ X 20′ netting panel is no problem at all. Generally speaking, the 1-3/4″ knotted nylon netting is used for softball scoreboard protection – usually in the #12, #21, or #36 twine thicknesses. All of which can be priced and ordered here on our site: You’ll typically want to order the netting with a rope bordering around the perimeter edges, and the square mesh pattern is quite popular for this type of application (but diamond mesh is great as well). Allow for about 3-5 working days for a net like that to be completed and ready to ship out. Hopefully that helps you out a bit more with your research!

  1. This blog highlights the importance of protecting scoreboards and displays at sporting facilities, stadiums, and arenas. It suggests the installation of protective barrier nets in front of scoreboards to prevent damage from impacts. The blog provides information about the recommended mesh sizes and netting options based on the size of the objects being protected, such as soccer, football, baseball, or softball. It also mentions the availability of strong netting materials like Nylon, Kevlar, and HMWPE, which can be tightly installed within the support structure. This blog demonstrates the commitment of to provide custom netting solutions for various athletic needs. In today’s sports landscape, sports-led billboards are crucial as they not only provide information but also require protection from potential damage. Installing protective netting ensures the longevity and safety of scoreboards, allowing for uninterrupted viewing and enhancing the overall spectator experience.

    1. Good Morning Jenna – yes, all of that is very accurate and pertinent information relating to the benefits of using netting and protective nets for scoreboard safety applications. specializes in the supply of custom barrier nets and netting panels that are frequently installed over scoreboards to protect them from damage resulting from errant objects and impacts from sports balls. The use of protective netting is a fantastic approach to ensuring the safety of stadium equipment, sporting arena property, spectators, and scoreboards. Thank you for writing and getting in touch!

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