Unique Customized Netting Productions – Custom Nylon Nets Built Per Order

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Unique Customized Netting Productions – Custom Nylon Nets Built Per Order

At Gourock.com we specialize in providing nets and netting productions that are customized in design, allowing the product to function very well for a wide variety of unique applications and needs.  The use of netting is a perfect solution for many types of needs and instances, and at Gourock we have many years of experience supplying nets for very unique and specific situations.  We specialize in custom nets that are prepared per-order, allowing you many opportunities to have netting built to match your own particular sizing and feature requirements.  We feature 100% Made in USA netting materials and hand-craftsmanship, along with quick fabrication turnaround for your custom netting needs.

There are many commonplace applications for nets, including property protection, barrier and containment situations, and general object exclusion needs.  Throughout many different industries and installation sites, the nets that we prepare and ship are built to perform dependably and reliably for a diverse array of uses and needs.  The majority of netting jobs are well suited for rectangular or square-shaped netting panels, and at Gourock we offer you the opportunity to source custom nets made to size directly through our Online Custom Netting Calculator.  As a longtime leader in the online marketplace for netting, Gourock.com offers very convenient online ordering of custom-built nets that are shipped directly to your location.  In addition, we also facilitate many netting supply jobs that need even more customized features – and here are 3 examples from the last few weeks that help demonstrate some of these types of custom nets.

This first example shows a custom netting design in which the purpose for the material was to lay over the top of a thatched-roof palapa in order to keep the roof materials secure during wind events and storms.  The #12 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting is the perfect match for this application, as it is a thin twine that has a very high tensile rating.  This allows for dependable strength and functionality, while minimizing the amount of material needed as well as minimizing the visibility of the mesh.  The #12 X 1-3/4″ has historically been the preferred netting selection for palapa uses and similar thatch-cover needs, and it remains durable out in the elements for several years.  Our customer on this specific net also needed to integrate a custom rope-bordered portal in the center of the netting panel, to account for a support post they utilize in the middle of their palapa roof.  The remaining edges of the 19′ X 19′ nylon netting panel were also 5/16″ rope bordered as well.

This second custom netting example shows a custom netting design that was built for our customer that needed hitting catch nets for their baseball and softball organization.  These were for a municipal client that intended to hang the nets within their existing batting cage area in order to use for individual batter soft-toss and tee training.  These nets were constructed from the durable #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting, which is a recommended selection for baseball and softball hitting and impact applications.  Our customer required 3 of these custom netting designs, and each one of them incorporates a catch-net portal installed within the middle of the overall net coverage area.  These were 12′ tall X 7′ wide with a 3′ X 3′ portal with catch-net.  Rope bordered on all edges, and ready to hang-up within our customer’s batting cage area.

In the third example, you can see a circular-shaped net that has a diameter of 23′-6″.  This circle net has a rope border perimeter edge sewn-in, and the material used for this design was the #21 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® twisted-knotted nylon netting.  Our customer requested this custom circle shape for the netting, and the intended usage was to wrap-and-cover round hay bales at his horse stable.  Covering hay bales with netting is also known as using “slow feeder hay nets”, which impede how quickly horses can access and eat their hay.  The 1-3/4″ mesh size of the nylon netting allows horses to pick the hay through the mesh, but mitigates how quickly the hay can be eaten.  We have supplied lots of hay slow feeder nets over the years, and the knotted nylon netting functions very well in this high-abrasion usage.

If you have questions or inquiries into custom nets or some of the unique netting productions that we have available at Gourock.com feel free to contact us directly and we can assist!  Many thanks again to all of our custom netting and unique net customers – we appreciate your business very much!

-Josh Grzyb @ www.gourock.com

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