Recent Custom Netting Enclosures and Custom Nylon Netting Cage Nets for Baseball, Softball, and Golf

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Custom Golf Cage Nets, Baseball Batting Cage Nets, and Softball Cage Netting Enclosures built for sports training facilities and individual training net installations – a few recent production and supply examples.

Here at we have always had a specialty in the supply of netting enclosures, cage nets, and athletic hitting and training nets. Some popular examples of the custom netting enclosure purposes that we ship out include baseball batting cage nets, softball hitting nets, pitching tunnel nets, golf cage netting, and cage cage replacement nets. There are other multi-sport uses and applications that also benefit from the usage of netting enclosures and cage nets as well. Every week we assist different clients and customers with custom nets that are required for many unique sports netting installations, ranging from professional training centers, to organizational and scholastic facilities, to private residential installations for personal practice. With you have access to athletic cage netting and sports netting that is built according to any particular sizing or dimensions you need, allowing you to achieve the best fit and function for the netting within your training area.

Throughout the site and blog there are many examples of different customized sports nets and cage nets that we have facilitated in the past, and since we are continuously shipping out similar custom net products there are always new examples to make note of. Here are 3 of the most recent custom netting enclosure orders from the last couple weeks or so that may prove helpful for your research into custom netting options available to you from Gourock.

In this first recent custom netting example, you can see that this net enclosure features full coverage on both sides, both ends, and the ceiling. This is a custom batting cage net that was constructed for a private training installation for personal and group training at a residential location. Our customer required a specialized sizing for the enclosure net in order to fit efficiently within their installation structure, and in this case the batting cage net was made to their preferred dimensions of 9′-6″ high X 11′ wide X 34′ long. In addition, there was a 3′ overlapping netting entrance door installed on one of the corners. Netting selection for this custom batting cage net was the #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon, and the enclosure design was all sealed-up with 5/16″ Dacron® rope borders. Production leadtime on this net was 5 working days through the fabrication queue and it was ready to ship out to our customer’s location.

Custom nylon netting batting cage net

This second example of custom netting enclosures outlines the Top View of a series of baseball batting cage nets that were constructed for a new commercial training facility. These nets were all built from the #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, and 5/16″ Dacron® Rope bordering. This production ran for 2.5 weeks and included a series of batting cage netting enclosures of the following sizes:
14′ high X 24′ wide X 60′ long
14′ high X 12′ wide X 60′ long
14′ high X 12′ wide X 40′ long
14′ high X 24′ wide X 65′ long
14′ high X 14′ wide X 65′ long

Each one of these batting cage nets also incorporated 3′ overlapping netting entrance doors built into specific locations in order to be most effective at our customer’s site. A couple of these batting cage nets were constructed to an extra wide sizing, and there were also some rope bordered divider panel nets built in this order as well, which were 14′ high X 60′ long and 14′ high X 65′ long. The usage of the divider panel nets within the extra-wide batting cage nets allows for the larger-volume area to be either divided into tunnels or used as a more opened-up training space. This overall amount of netting on this production was about 750 lbs. and shipped out via LTL directly to the facility site.

Custom batting cage netting for a commercial baseball training facility

And then on this third example of a recent custom netting enclosure, the #15 X 3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon was used on this design. This net was constructed for a private residential golf cage project, in which the framing structure had a tapering and angling construction element to it. So for this custom golf cage net, it was built to the sizing of 13′ tall X (17′-8″/14′-10″) wide X 10′-7″ deep. The front “open end” of the cage net was wider than the back end panel, resulting in a tapered shape design. In addition, this custom golf cage net also included a secondary impact panel net built from the thicker #21 X 3/4″ DuPont® Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting in order to double-up the back end of the cage net. This allows for a very helpful netting reinforcement for the back end of the golf cage net, where the vast majority of impact wear-and-tear occurs. This impact panel net features a weighted-rope bottom edge which helps stabilize the impact netting on the ground. This custom golf cage net took 4 working days through the fabrication queue to be ready to ship out via UPS to our customer’s location.

Custom golf cage netting and golf cage net with impact panel, tapered design

As you are doing your research into custom netting, custom batting cage nets, golf cage nets, and customized sports netting productions always feel free to reach out to us with your questions and inquiries. Many thanks again to our very appreciated custom netting customers, it is our pleasure to be your netting supplier!

Josh Grzyb @ Netting

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