Baseball Field Protective Netting, Custom Overhead Barrier Nets

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Baseball Field Protective Netting, Custom Overhead Barrier Nets

Earlier this month at we finalized and shipped out some very custom nets for a new baseball field training facility being constructed in Oregon.  Commercial training facility and stadium netting is readily available from Gourock, and is a valuable protective and containment asset for the property – both for the participants and general spectators.  This custom netting production features netting that incorporates quite a few very unique features that are specific for the installation area and needs, including:

  • tapered and angled shapes
  • large area dimensions
  • notches and sloping edges
On this particular job, the netting that our customer required was to be used for 5 specific areas that require baseball barrier netting to prevent errant baseballs and foul balls from entering the central spectator/concession area that is located between 2 separate baseball fields.  For context, as you can see from the general blueprint copy included below, this baseball facility installation incorporates a pair of fields that include a walkway and concession stand area in-between them.  Many baseball and softball field installations utilize a pretty similar design – in which the backstops and foul-lines of different playing fields are built next to each other, allowing for the space between them to function as a functional spectator viewing area or a concession stand zone, and also as a convenient pathway from field-to-field.

For this installation as well as other similar baseball field projects, the designers and owners need to provide protective barrier netting to prevent balls from the adjacent fields from falling into the spectator/concession/pathway zone.  This is to avoid preventable injuries and increase the general safety of the overall facility area. offers custom nets that are constructed to specific sizes, shapes, and feature requirements.  On this Oregon job, the netting for the overhead area was produced in 3 uniquely shaped and tapered nets meant to line-up with the perimeter of the installation area.  There are a series of tensioned wires that span from pole-to-pole in which the netting is clipped to, thus suspending it horizontally and covering the area below.  Also needed for the overall protective netting is a pair of vertically installed nets that cover the dugouts and foul-ball line fencing.  These 2 nets also have very custom sizing and shape features in order to properly fill-in those areas, which prevent errant baseballs and foul balls from leaving the playing area as well.

For full-time outdoor commercial barrier netting applications like this one, the recommended netting to use is the #36 X 1-3/4″ DuPont type 66-728 twisted-knotted nylon.  This netting selection features the highest quality nylon material, a 2.5mm twine thickness, a 381 lb./tensile rating, and is both UV stabilized and urethane bonded against moisture.  All edges of the netting are rope bordered with a sewn-in 5/16″ braided Dacron rope.  These nets are hand-built, and are 100% Made in USA.

At we supply netting for all types of sports barrier applications, and have a variety of nylon netting twine thicknesses and mesh sizes available for consideration.  We offer a convenient Online Custom Netting Calculator for pricing and ordering nets right through our site, and if you have other more customized aspects of the netting requirements you can certainly contact us with your details and we can take a look and quote you on the nets.

-Josh Grzyb @

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