Backyard Netting & Ball Containment Nets for Practice Courts

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Volleyball Court Containment Netting

Nylon Netting as a Dependable Solution for Backyard Sport Court Ball Containment and Ball Stop Nets.

Maintaining a backyard sport court is a fantastic way to encourage outdoor activity and family fun. However, errant balls can quickly turn that enjoyment into frustration. Imagine a perfectly struck tennis ball soaring over the fence, or a rogue soccer ball denting your neighbor’s car. This is where backyard netting and ball containment nets come into play.

These specialized nets act as a safety barrier, preventing balls from escaping the designated court area. This not only protects your property but also ensures the safety of those around your yard and maintains peaceful relations with your neighbors. Gone are the days of chasing runaway balls or apologizing for unintended damage.

Here at, we recommend Nylon Netting as a top choice for backyard ball containment. Made from high-tensile UV-resistant nylon, this netting is incredibly durable and weatherproof, ensuring it can withstand the elements and vigorous play. More importantly, the strong yet lightweight construction effectively stops balls in their tracks, keeping your backyard games contained and worry-free. So, if you’re looking to maximize the enjoyment and functionality of your backyard sport court,  backyard netting is an essential investment and using Nylon Netting can keep your backyard games fun and frustration-free!

Netting Solutions for Many Different Sports and Activities

The use of barrier netting is a fantastic solution for all types of ball stop needs, and for many different types of sports and activities. Errant balls are a consistent consideration for soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, and a very wide array of other backyard actives and sport court installations. has decades of experience providing backyard netting to thousands of unique customers and locations, along with a robust product line of netting mesh sizes and twine thicknesses – allowing you to source the best possible match for your ball stop netting needs. Our appreciated customers can order custom nets directly through the Gourock online store by using our convenient Online Custom Netting Calculators – which allow for sports barrier nets of any sizing to be immediately ordered. Or, you can contact us directly to have a personal sales and service correspondence to assist you with your netting questions.

To help add a bit of general context, different sports balls can be effectively blocked with different mesh sizes of netting. For instance, larger objects such as basketballs and soccer balls can be effectively contained with a 4″ mesh size netting choice. For some smaller objects such as tennis balls, baseballs, and pickleballs – a narrower mesh size such as 1-3/4″ is perfect. has a helpful product line of nylon netting choices that includes several different mesh sizes, as well as a variety of twine thicknesses – allowing for ample choice based on your preferences and barrier netting needs. And then of course, the company specialty is building custom sized nets and netting panels that are produced per-order, allowing you the best possible fit and function for your ball blocking and backyard containment netting applications.

Volleyball Court Containment Netting at a Backyard Sand Court Location

Ball containment nets for volleyball courts is a popular type of netting supply that we consistently facilitate at Whether the ball stop needs are at a commercial location, at a scholastic or municipal sports court, an indoor gymnasium, or at a private property location – the custom nylon barrier netting from Gourock is a perfect material and product choice for volleyball containment.

Within the product line we offer a 4″ square mesh size twisted-knotted nylon netting selection that functions perfectly for volleyball containment net projects. The 4″ mesh nylon netting is used for volleyball blocking projects ranging from collegiate gymnasiums and professional courts, all the way to residential backyard ball containment needs. We offer this barrier netting in a lighter weight #15 twine thickness, and then also in a heavy duty #36 twine thickness as well. Both are very effective to block arrant volleyballs around courts and within spaces that require proper ball containment – and by using as your netting source you can have the barrier nets fabricated according to any dimensions preferred for the court or gymnasium locations.

Recently we produced and shipped a series of netting panels for a residential customer of ours that needed nets to surround the sand volleyball court that they have in their backyard. The issue that they were alleviating was the inconvenience of constantly chasing down and retrieving errant volleyballs as they flew out of the court space. In addition, they wanted to avoid volleyballs flying out into their neighbor’s property, and from crashing into the bushes and vegetation on their property line. These are all very typical factors in which the usage of barrier nets is a great benefit for backyard netting needs – and certainly to enhance the function of volleyball court locations.

#15 X 4″ Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting used for Blocking Errant Volleyballs

In this recent customer order and production, they opted for the #15 X 4″ nylon netting for their volleyball containment solution. This has historically been a very popular choice for blocking volleyballs, for both indoor and outdoor netting installations. The #15 twisted nylon twine has a tensile rating of 125 lbs., making it a strong and dependable net choice that also is lightweight and minimally visible. This barrier netting is built in a convenient square mesh pattern, and typically manufactured with a 5/16″ polyester rope bordered perimeter edge around it (when supplied to sports court netting jobs). On this backyard netting order that is exactly how this series of nets were prepared. In this case our customer was seeking volleyball containment nets for both sides and both ends of their sand court. They opted for 2 netting panels that were built 10′ X 65′ to be used on the long sides, and then 2 additional nets that were 10′ X 35′ for use on the ends of the volleyball court. Our customer had a series of support posts surrounding their sand court, which do a perfect job of suspending the netting around the area. As you can see from the customer-provided photos below, these barrier nets look great and also provide effective containment protection against errant volleyballs.

Backyard Sand Volleyball Court Containment Netting
Backyard Sand Volleyball Court Containment Netting
Volleyball Court Barrier Nets and Ball Block Netting
Volleyball Court Barrier Nets and Ball Block Netting

At it is our pleasure to be your custom netting supplier – and many thanks again to all of our valued netting customers, we appreciate your business very much! Always feel free to get in touch with us for your ball containment netting supply needs, and we look forward to working with you!

– Josh Grzyb @ Custom Netting

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